Best Inverter AC Brands in Pakistan 2023 – Updated List

AppliencesBest Inverter AC Brands in Pakistan 2023 - Updated List

best inverter AC brands in pakistan

Temperature is getting drastically higher day by day. During this extreme heat, the summers are impossible to bear without an air conditioner because ordinary ceiling fans can do no good against the scorching weather. So, it is time to get your hands on inverter ACs to avoid heat. If you are looking for the best inverter AC brands in Pakistan 2023.


Air conditioners have become the need of the day because of extreme temperatures and annoying humidity. Only air conditioner suits the climate of Pakistan but the rising utility bills do not suit the affordability of people. Because the utility charges are getting higher due to inflation in Pakistan. So, people are switching to eco-friendly and economical ways of coping with heat. Therefore, inverter AC technology is a wise investment for all.

First, inverter ACs are eco-friendly as they consume less energy which does not affect the environment. Furthermore, they are economical for day-to-day running as the consumption is comparatively low which reduces your running cost. By using Inverter ACs, households can save a lot on their utility bills.

Best Inverter AC Brands in Pakistan 2023

So, here are some of the best inverter AC brands in Pakistan 2023:

  • Changhong Ruba Inverter AC
  • Dawlance Inverter AC
  • Haier
  • Gree
  • Kenwood
  • LG
  • Mitsubishi
  • Orient
  • PEL

Changhong Ruba

best inverter AC brands in Pakistan

Changhong Ruba is a leading Chinese brand that specializes in manufacturing electronic appliances like Air conditioners, LED TVs, refrigerators and a lot more. After entering the Pakistani market, the company has secured a reputable position. Mainly, the customers prefer to buy air conditioners from Changhong Ruba. You can get a wide variety including inverter ACs, Split Acs, household central-type AC, cold-water type, cabinet, and window AC. 

Changhong Ruba offers the following range of inverter ACs:

  • New Generation Smart DC Inverter Series
  • Boutique Series
  • Inverter Series
  • Conventional Series

This range is available in the capacity of 18,000 BTU/h and 24,000 BTU/h. Changhong Ruba inverter Ac price starts from Rs 46,999 to Re 87,900.


best inverter AC brands in Pakistan

Dawlance is the best inverter Ac brand in Pakistan when it comes to reliability. In the recent past, Dawlance has delved into manufacturing inverter technology in its range of air conditioners. You get the following options in the series of Dawlance inverter ACs:

  • Aura Inverter 30
  • Cruise Pro Inverter
  • Elegance + Inverter
  • Econo Inverter
  • ENERCON 30
  • Suave Inverter
  • Sprinter

There are three Dawlance inverter air conditioner capacities: 12,000 BTU/h, 18,000 BTU/h, and 24,000 BTU/h. The price of Dawlance inverter ACs starts from PKR 80,000 and goes up to PKR 142,900.


best inverter AC brands in Pakistan

Gree is another one of the best inverter Ac brands in Pakistan from China. It is specialized in manufacturing home appliances for customers worldwide. Gree has created a reputable position in the range of residential air conditioners. With Gree ACs, users can save a lot on utility bills due to its energy-efficient technology. Moreover, they also get fast cooling, smart features, and attractive design. 


  • Split AC Pular Series
  • Split AC Fairy Series
  • Gree Split AC Fairy Econo Series
  • Gree Split AC Lomo Series
  • Split AC inverters


Gree inverter ACs are available in three following capacities:

  • 12,966 BTU/h
  • 18,000 BTU/h
  • 24,000 BTU/h


Gree Inverter AC price starts from Rs 83,000 and goes up according to the series, technology, and size. 


Haier air conditioners

Haier is a famous brand for manufacturing and providing home appliances worldwide. There is a wide variety of home appliances at Haier like ACs, washing machines, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, and more. 

Haier Inverter Acs provide the widest range with exceptional cooling quality as well as cost efficiency. Here are the choices for Haier inverter ACs:

  • Haier Voice Control Inverter
  • UV Inverter
  • Thunder Inverter
  • Yunding Inverter
  • Duzin Inverter
  • Puri Inverter
  • Pearl Inverter
  • Turbo Inverter
  • Haier Marvel Inverter
  • Haier Cool Inverter
  • Triple Inverter
  • Haier Fixed Frequency


The following capacities are available in Haier inverter Acs:

  • 12,000 BTU/h
  • 18,000 BTU/h
  • 19,000 BTU/h
  • 24,000 BTU/h


Moreover, the price of Haier inverter air conditioners begins at PKR 65,000 and increases according to the model and size. 


air conditioners

Kenwood is one of the best inverter AC brands in Pakistan 2023 that gives up to 75% savings on energy consumption. It has an excellent DC inverter functioning which makes it a positive long-term investment. These are the models of Kenwood Inverter ACs:

  • KenwoodEEco PlusIncerter Split AC Series
  • ESMART PlusInverter Split AC Series
  • ESLEEK Inverter Split AC Series
  • KenwoodELUXURY Inverter Split AC Series
  • KenwoodEACE Inverter Split AC Series


The following are the available capacities of Kenwood Air Conditioners:

  • 18,000 BTU/h 
  • 24,000 BTU/h


The starting price of Kenwood inverter ACs is Rs 89,990.



LG has been in the electronic appliances game for a lot of decades. Ever since its establishment, the company has continued to provide the best to its customers. When it comes to the best inverter AC brands in Pakistan, LG has to be on the list because of its efficient energy-saving technology. The choice of LG air conditioners is limited but reliable. Below are the options:

  • LG Dual Inverter Split AC Series (Rs. 154,000)
  • LG inverter Air Conditioner (Rs 161,446)


LG air conditioners capacity is 18,000 BTU/h.


best inverter AC brands in Pakistan

Mitsubishi is also one of the most famous electric appliances brands in the world. Along with other home appliances, Mitsubishi has put in significant effort in offering the best inverter ACs to customers. They are reliable in performance and cost-saving for a long time.


  • Mitsubishi Inverter Split AC Series
  • Mitsubishi Floor Standing Series


  • 18,000 BTU/h
  • 24,000 BTU/h


The initial price of Mitsubishi inverter ACs in Pakistan 2023 is PKR 159,999.


Orient inverter air conditioners

Orient has the upper hand in offering a diverse range of electronic appliances with the latest technology. Its air conditioner range has DC inverters, non-inverters, and eComfort air conditioners. In the range of Orient inverter ACs, you get the following choices:

  • Orient Ultron Royal DC Inverter AC
  • Ultron Super DC inverter AC
  • Ultron Bold Ultra White Smart Edition DC Inverter
  • Hype DC Inverter AC
  • Divine DC Inverter
  • ultron Classic Smart Edition DC Inverter
  • Mega DC Inverter AC
  • Ultron Classic DC Inverter Smart Edition
  • Orient Floor Standing Supreme DC Inverter AC. 


Orient gives the following three air conditioner capacities:

  • 12,000 BTU/h
  • 18,000 BTU/h
  • 24,000 BTU/h


Orient air conditioner price in Pakistan is Rs 88,499.


Pel has almost every electronic appliance that a household requires. It has a wide range of refrigerators, air conditioners, water dispensers, air purifiers, washing machines, microwave ovens, and other kitchen appliances. Pel is also one of the best inverter AC brands in Pakistan that offer a large range. These are the options for inverter ACs that you get from Pel:

  • Pel InverterOn AERO Plus Air Conditioners
  • InverterON SAVER T3 Air Conditioner
  • SUPER T3 PRO Air conditioners
  • InverterON AERO Plus Air Conditioners
  • FIT Chrome Air Conditioner
  • Majestic 4D Air Conditioners
  • APEX Air Conditioners
  • Arctic Air Conditioners
  • InverterOn Turbo DC Ultra Air Conditioners
  • InverterON JumboDC Classic Air Conditioners 


  • 12,000 BTU/h
  • 18,000 BTU/h
  • 24,000 BTU/h


Pel InverterON air conditioners price in Pakistan 2023 starts from PKR 80,900.

Final Words

The above-mentioned best inverter AC brands in Pakistan give you numerous options of inverter Acs to choose from. They are the prior choices of the customers so they are reliable, energy-efficient, and supercooling. 

To get the best inverter for your use, you should choose an air conditioner according to the size of your room. Moreover, the prices may differ according to the dealer, inflation, and time of the year. So, you can visit the official website of each company to know the exact price and more details about inverter AC. 


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