Top 7 Best Co-working Spaces in Lahore for startups 2020

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In recent years, Pakistan has witnessed a rise in coworking spaces across the country. From being staunchly oriented to work in offices and with the birth of gig economy, more and more people especially freelancers and small business owners are now opting for coworking spaces instead of a traditional office environment. The demand for such spaces has seen an unprecedented rise. However, a lot of people still debate if choosing to work from them is good for productivity or not. Or, if it is a good business decision or not. Considering that Lahore is a city of startups, we thought about sharing best coworking spaces in Lahore

For us, it goes without saying that coworking spaces are one of the best ways through which freelancers, small business owners and enterprises alike can get the feel of a professional working environment, understand each other’s perspective and help each other out of problems only a small or one-person team can understand.


Let’s discuss this a little further:

Why Coworking Spaces?

The burning question here is; why go for coworking space instead of working out of home or a traditional office. Here are all the reasons we think you should be aware of if this is one question you are still figuring out the answer to:


Connection & Collaboration

This is indeed the best part of any coworking space. When you are running a one-man show or have a small team, working out of the home office might be lonely and depressing. At times, you can feel drained out of ideas and energy. On the other hand, coworking spaces are more than just sharing the infrastructure. They are about connecting and collaborating at a level where only the people who use the space can understand each other’s perspectives. It is about building a community where you can bounce off ideas each other, collaborate and socialize to understand the way out of the same boat everyone else is sailing in as well.

A Space of Support


As already mentioned above, these coworking spaces are great places to network and support. You find people who can understand the problems you are facing and the struggles you are going through as a new business owner. These spaces are about communication, networking and helping; hence creating a strong sense of community and support. It is casualizing the concept of traditional workspaces by different people coming together to help each other.

Diversity of Experience

Again, coworking space has people with different natures and businesses. Within one roof, you can find yourself a social media manager to help with social marketing or a tax expert that can help you with filing your year-end business taxes. There is diversity but within the commonality. It is curating a modern work experience of not refraining from different minds of multiple sectors helping each other grow.


The benefit of coworking spaces that is one of the hottest and most glamorizing for the new entrepreneurs is the affordability factor. You get a seat for yourself right within a cheap budget alongside any amenities you want in your office. From high-speed Wi-Fi to conference and meeting rooms, to office boy and kitchens, they offer you everything you require in an office on less than half the price. It is better for people to go for a shared office than renting one for their team members no matter how small. If you go for the same facilities in a separate office, you will have to pay way more than what you pay here. What else do you want?

These were just the basic benefits of a coworking space. It is a no brainer that you will understand the gist of all the advantages once you experience the atmosphere and environment for yourself.

Best Coworking Spaces in Lahore

In the recent past, among all the other cities in Pakistan, Lahore has seen the most intense rise in the coworking space culture. While we don’t know what exactly the reason to credit it to is, but it indicates the modern work atmosphere and a rise in the collaborative culture.

If you are at this article to find a suitable coworking space for yourself, we have curated a list of some of the best coworking spaces in Lahore that you should check out right away:


It can be termed as not just one of the best coworking spaces in Lahore, but all across Pakistan as well. They have flexible monthly plans for freelancers and small teams both. The larger teams who are looking for private office without breaking the bank can also approach them. Moreover, there are separate spaces for conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops and networking sessions.

They offer Front Desk Service and Reception to all those who are part of their space, Hi-speed WiFi, Valet Parking, Coffee & Snacks, Rooftop Garden & Terrace, Lockers, Multipurpose Studio, and Lounging area among other facilities and amenities. Their packages are reasonable and cover everything you would require in a coworking space to fulfill your needs.


Daftarkhwan is more than just an office, and this is the slogan they go by as well. It is an agile workplace that allows entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers to come together and work on their own projects while simultaneously being a part of the community that is always there for each other. It is one of the oldest coworking spaces in Lahore and has the edge among many others for all the right reasons.

Daftarkhwan provides the space holders with facilities like Hi-speed WiFi, Tea or Coffee, Meeting & Conference Rooms, 24/7 Backup Power, Lounge to Relax and Chill, Ergonomic Seating, Lockers & Storage for personal items, and printing, scanning and photocopying services for all. They have multiple spaces in Lahore, so anyone has the opportunity to choose from the location they prefer.

Mango Space

Mango Space goes by the mantra of creating your own space in the Mango Space. It is a small, cozy space for all the professionals vying to create an empire out of collaborations and focusing on what they do. They not only provide the space and amenities but also regularly hold sessions and workshops that benefit all those who are a part of this coworking space. One of the great things about Mango Space is the location, as it is in one of the hubs of the corporate offices and an important area in Lahore.

You get a dedicated workspace alongside a conference room for your meetings and important presentations when the need be. Moreover, space is opened throughout the day, so you can use it for the night shifts as well. Other than that, all the regular facilities like hi-speed internet and printing & fax options are also available for those who rent.

Venture Drive

Venture Drive isn’t only popular for the work it does but is also known for the workspace it offers. It is an amazing option for those who want to get the maximum advantage of a coworking space in the minimum budget possible. It is at a good location so access to and from will be easy as well. Among other services, you get an office boy to run the errands for you so you don’t have to be disturbed. You get a backup generator, dedicated parking area, hi-speed WiFi, meeting room, and printing service too. In short, Venture Drive offers everything you need in a coworking space.

Kickstart 2.0

Kickstart 2.0, as the name suggests, is for all those who are kickstarting their business or startup at a minimum budget. If you have money constraints at the moment, but you do not want to compromise on getting an office space for yourself, we recommend you pay Kickstart 2.0 a visit.

They have a functional office space with up to 40 seats so you can even get a few for your team if any. The budget goes as low as 5000 a month, which is super reasonable for all those who are starting up. Notwithstanding that, you get perks like WiFi, backup generator, meeting room, printing service, and mail service, etc. There is also an office boy to help you with the minor tasks as the need be.


LaunchBox is a small, serene, and cozy place that has a lovely atmosphere with limited seats. It can house 35 people maximum at a time, which means that you won’t get disturbed by noise and a lot of people if that’s something you don’t like. They are at a premium location with extremely suitable charges for those who are starting up and are in the launch of the idea phase.

There is a backup generator, printing services, hi-speed Wi-Fi, and other basic amenities you might require in your office space.

These were some of the best coworking spaces in Lahore, which fit the bill for startups, business owners and individual entrepreneurs. If you are in a search for such a place for yourself, you can explore the websites, get in touch with them or visit to decide if they are worth your budget or not. We are sure you will have your pick from the options we have listed.

Huddle Co-working

Huddle is one of the latest emerging players in the coworking industry and has grown out to be among the best coworking spaces in Lahore.

Situated in DHA phase 6, Huddle offers a high-end coworking and shared office space to all team sizes including startups, businesses, and freelancers to enhance their productivity in a collaborative workspace.

Huddle has been able to develop good image, primarily due to its unique and affordable co-workspace packages, diverse amenities and creative interior. As of now, their minimum open space package starts from Rs 8,500. Situated on a prime location you get access to a beautiful view. Also Huddle offers a wide range of amenities to comfort their customers as much as possible. This includes the following features:

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Power Backup
  • Unlimited Tea/Coffee
  • Printing
  • Lockers
  • Car Parking
  • 24/7 Access
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