Best countries to visit in 2019


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Following are the best countries to visit in 2019 according to the Lonely Planet:

Sri Lanka

Nowadays Sri Lanka has become a popular tourist attraction. Sri Lanka is worth traveling and there is no doubt in that. The country is enriched with lush green tea plantation, stirring mountains, sandy beaches, and waterfalls etc. There is possibly no shortage of inspiring tourist’s spots, culture, nature, beauty and history.


For centuries Germany has been the heart of Europe because of unique culture shaped from historical influences, amazing cuisine, and architecture. The best thing about Germany is that it is one of the safest country to visit in Europe. The country is rich in history and has contributed much in technology, the printing press, the automobile, aspirin and MP3 technology are all from Germany.


No doubt, that the country was going through political and economic crisis but Zimbabwe is back. It has been the safari king for the tourism world for a very long time and not to mention the fact that Victoria Falls is jewel of this country.


It is a narrow little county filled with culture, tropical beaches, history, and wildlife. It is a small coffee producing country, the famous geisha coffee which is also known as the “champagne of coffees” is also produces here.


Kyrgyzstan is a young country as it got its independence in 1991 from the Soviet Union. It was opened for tourism just a couple of years ago. From high altitude alpine lakes to velvet, green hills, high snow-covered peaks and huge wide valleys with plenty of wildflowers, Kyrgyzstan has some of the most striking landscapes that can be found in the world.


Jordan is a hidden gem of the Middle East. Jordan’s most popular attraction, Petra is a historical and archaeological city. It is also known as “rose city” due to the coloring of the stone.

The best thing Jordan can give you is hospitality, it is famous for the hospitality and kindness of the Jordanian people.

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