9 Best Buffet Restaurants In Karachi

Food9 Best Buffet Restaurants In Karachi

Pakistan is a country of foodies with a mixture of appetizing foods from all over the state. Karachi is one of its prominent cities that holds the title of “city of lights” for staying awake late at night. Can you even imagine living in Karachi without knowing about some of the best eating places? Because we can not! It is almost impossible when you are living in Karachi. You will get everything from the local street food to five-star hotels serving all kinds of cuisines in Karachi. All you need is to step out and explore the local Karachi food. Here, we have gathered the details of some of the best buffet restaurants in Karachi.

Top 9 Buffet Restaurants in Karachi

If you are a food explorer who wants to taste not just one or two dishes but a whole lot of variety at once, buffets are the best options. Because what’s more exciting than having to walk around an aisle and pour anything on your plate as you like. So, dive into this article to know about the best buffet restaurants in Karachi that offer the best eatery spots for everyone. 

  • Sky BBQ
  • Lal Qila
  • Rangoli
  • Chaupal
  • Seafront Restaurant
  • Suzie wong Restaurant
  • Chandni Restuarant
  • Kolachi
  • Cocochan


Best buffet restaurants in Karachi

Located at the Avari Tower’s rooftop, this Sky BBQ provides an exotic atmosphere to the customers who can enjoy a pleasant dine-in with a flavourful aroma filled all around. It offers a wide range of cuisines from Pakistani traditional food to international cuisines that all taste scrumptious. To top it all, the desserts are too delicious to keep your hands away. 

The overall atmosphere enhances the taste of the food. So, you can enjoy your food while having a sight of the whole city under you. Sky BBQ offers BBQ Buffet dinner at Rs. 2600+tax. It is open throughout the week. So, you can visit any day and anytime. 

Lal Qila 

Best buffet restaurants in Karachi

Lal Qila is spread all around Pakistan and is making success because of the flavorful traditional dishes that are hard to resist. This place is specialized in traditional cuisine but it is also not behind in continental, Chinese and Italian cuisine. It has a wide variety to offer including Chicken Noodles Salad, Pardesi Salad, Lotus Salad, Beef Chello Kabab, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Chicken Labnese Kebab, Shahi Batair, Smoky BBQ Pizza, French Fries, Crispy Burger, Special Chicken Karahi, Mutton Kunna, Paya, Beef Masala Biryani, Carrot Achar, Beef Daleem, Lab-e-Shireen, Khas Jelly-O, Shahi Kheer, Creme Brulee, Shahi Tukra and things that are beyond your imagination. Their buffet price starts from Rs. 1250.

You can enjoy these appetising dishes in a perfectly magnificent and attractively beautiful ambience all around you. They also offer a live cooking service so you can check out how your favourite dishes are being made. The aroma of food from the live kitchen heightens the appetite. 

Rangoli Restaurant

Best buffet restaurants in Karachi

Rangoli Restaurant provides an aesthetic ambience for dining indoors. They have a sophisticatedly decorated interior that is comfortable for the customers. The restaurant offers a buffet of Rs. 1200+tax with a capacity of accommodating 500 people. They have too much to offer to the foodies including Pakistani, Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese, Italian, Continental, Thai, and Arabic Cuisines.

The staff is also cordial. The dishes included in buffet are Russian Salad, Beetroot Salad, Seafood Salad, German Potato, Chana Chaat, Dahi Bare, Khattay Aloo, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Karahi, Mutton Namkeen with Rice, Mutton Paya, Mutton Roghan Josh, Mutton Kunna, Vegetable Fried Rice, Prawn Green Chilli, Chicken Peri Peri, Fish Oyster Sauce, Chicken Chow Mein, ice-cream, falooda and the list goes on.


Chaupal is the best buffet restaurant in Pakistan that gives a perfect blend of exotic indoor and outdoor dining experiences. The ambience and décor speak for themselves. Chaupal is perfect for all events like birthdays, anniversaries, get to gather lunches, business conferences, friends gatherings, and casual dinners and lunch. They have invested efforts in their decorations. However, they can never compromise on the wide variety that they offer including Pakistani, Continental, BBQ, Fried Seafood, Chinese and Thai cuisine.

Buffet dishes include Mutton Karahi, Paya, Nihari, Brain Masala, Dal Makhni, Palak Paneer, Red Beans, Aloo Tarkari, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Sajji, Grilled Prawns, Reshmi Kebab, Chicken Boti, Malai Boti, Kabuli Kebab and over 20 salads and desserts.

Seafront Restaurant

The seafront is a perfect eatery spot in Karachi where you can enjoy your food while enjoying the calmness of the seaside. The fresh breeze from the sea and aesthetic sight increase the deliciousness of the food. They offer a wide range of cuisines including Pakistani, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Japanese and seafood. 

Whether you visit in the day or at night, there is a wide range of buffet dishes that makes it hard for you to keep your hands off. 

Suzie Wong Restaurant

Best buffet restaurants in Karachi

If you are not much of a traditional food eater and prefer Chinese, Thai and continental dishes, this is the first place that you can visit in Karachi. They are specialised in these cuisines so have an authentic taste of the international cuisines in Pakistan. 

Their buffet includes a wide variety of several kinds of soups, starters, main courses, finger fish, fried items, and desserts. This is the best place to have a perfect dine-in with your friends and family.

Chandni Restaurant

Best buffet restaurants in Karachi

Chandni Restaurant is a famous 4-star hotel of Pakistan that is located in Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi. It should be your next spot for enjoying a buffet. The buffet includes soups, gravies, salads, starters, BBQs, and live entertainment for all customers. 


Kolachi is also one of the best buffet restaurants in Karachi. This is also a seaside restaurant with a breath-taking view and mouth-watering dishes to leave to drooling for years. The buffet dishes include Seafood, Barbecue, Asian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Afghani, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free options as well. If you want to enjoy a memorable dine-in with your friends and family, Kolachi should be your next spot.


Best buffet restaurants in Karachi

Cocochan has the best and most trained international chefs who do their best to provide the tastiest seafood, Chinese and Thai food to the customers. Along with food, they provide an ambience that comforts and soothes your dining time.

Ramada La Terrasse Restaurant

La Terrasse Resturant is located in Ramada. It is the best and most luxurious spot for the appetizing buffet. There is a wide variety of Pakistani and continental dishes in the buffet. Once you get in, you won’t regret the time you spend here. 

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