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Summers’ sail has reached the dock and quickly unloads the heat in Pakistan. The temperature feels like it is reaching boiling point. The walls seem to be baking and heightening the temperature inside the rooms. This creates a need for some air conditioning. Although ACs can do the job better, but some of the best Air Coolers in Pakistan are more suitable in the dry hot season. 

6 Best Air Coolers In Pakistan 

When summers actually arrive, what is better than a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to the heat? That solution is only an air cooler that comes in different types and sizes. Unfortunately, these do not work in the season of mist. However, they give an efficient benefit on heated days. Here are some of the best air coolers in Pakistan. 

Room Cooler

According to the need of the day, the air coolers have advanced. You can forget about those humongous coolers that occupied a massive space. Nowadays, there are room coolers that are smartly designed to work effectively and occupy less space. Also, there are several new features and better controls to condition your room better than air conditioners. On average, the price of a room cooler in Pakistan is Rs. 15,000.

Desert Cooler

Worried to host a lot of guests at home in summers as it might suffocate the environment? Worry no more. We have desert coolers in Pakistan for large spaces. One cooler in the hall or dining room with proper ventilation could keep the air cold and fresh. Again no worrying about ACs to stop working in crowds because a desert cooler won’t. The price starts from Rs. 25,000

Air Coolers With Remote Controls

Best air coolers in Pakistan

These are a bit pricey because more technology means more price. For some further comfortability, you have to pay the price. With remote control, you could easily turn the cooler on and off at a distance. They are also better at cooling the spaces. Thus, the price is higher up to 30,000.

Personal Coolers

Personal Coolers are specially designed for one person. Students studying in their tiny rooms or ladies working in the kitchen can benefit from them. They are enough to provide a cooling effect to individuals without occupying much space. So, whenever you feel hot and do not feel the need to turn on the AC for a single person, you can use this better option. The price of personal coolers starts from Rs. 10,000.

Portable Coolers

Best air coolers in Pakistan

What could be better than a device that is cost-effective, affordable, gives a great cooling effect, AND is Portable! This has to be your top priority. The device comes with no blades so it is safe when you have kids around. There are 4 pre-programmed cooling modes and 3 fan speeds. Another perk to enjoy with this type is the noiseless operation and less occupied space.


Best air coolers in Pakistan

When it comes to the best air coolers in Pakistan, Comfyhome brings the best technology to the customers. It has a powerful airflow of 455 CFM with a tank capacity of 2 gallons. It can cool an area up to 170 sq. ft.

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