Best 4G Mobile network of Pakistan in 2020, Comparison and results

Are you looking for the best 4G network in Pakistan? confused between Telenor, Jazz or Zong?

In this fast-moving era which is more of a digital than of a realistic world, who can live without having a quality network? It is becoming as much important for the users to have a good internet service just like that of having some quality food to eat.

With this consideration, we know that many among the people are concerned about the best 4G network the internet speeds and connectivity when it comes to buying 4G/LTE internet packages. Although, all the companies offer 3G internet in most areas across Pakistan 4G/LTE is offered only by Zong, Jazz and Telenor and in specific areas. So here is a comparative review about which network is best for its 4G/LTE Mobile Network service:

Best performing 4G networks of Pakistan

Zong 4G

Zong was the first company to offer 4G-internet in Pakistan and it is the largest network serving across the country in terms of a 4G network. You can also check the Zong 4G coverage of different cities. Most of the users are satisfied with the speed of this network and that’s the reason for its users to grow in number on a daily basis. Moreover, the packages are quite affordable for everyone. Downloading speed is too good and you can easily watch your favorite movies using Zong’s 4G at any time of the day.

Jazz LTE

Jazz is the second-largest 4G network that covers most urban and suburban cities. The way it has been serving its users with an unobstructed network for browsing all the time is the reason for its users increasing every day. Whether is merely about using social media or that of some detailed browsing over the internet, the result would be undoubtedly user’s satisfaction. BTW, Jazz has recently tested 5G in Pakistan


Though it is not so long for the Telenor to launch its 4G service it’s been a year since they have been marvelously offering 4G services to the users at large. Initially, they started free trials in 6 major cities. Now Telenor coverage is expanded to all major cities of Pakistan. Telenor offers free social media usage and some fine and lighter on pocket packages for the browsing so there is no need to worry now if your Wi-Fi is not working properly, as Telenor would never disappoint you in any case. However, as per the reviews, some of the users have expressed fury over the slow performance of the network which puts a question mark over the service and pushes the opinion of reviewing the system as per these complaints.

Speed Comparison of 4G Networks Pakistan

ZONG Speed

I have experienced the speed variations in different locations and times for Zong 4G. When it’s a peak time the speed can be little down to 12 Mbps to 18 Mbps. It also depends on the location where reception is good or bad. But so far so good, Zong is becoming a standard in 4G services.

Jazz Speed

Jazz is almost similar to Zong in terms of speed with minor variations, but there are advantages and disadvantages for both. Zong network is diverse and has a strong user base whereas Jazz has a relatively smaller area of coverage. But it has been witnessed that if you travel towards suburban area Jazz may drop signals and become weaker. Secondly, Jazz 4G packages are the cheapest in the market and Zong is a bit expensive.

Telenor Speed

It is not a biased opinion but a review as per the comments from Telenor users that their 4G is like a turtle on the go or that of a Vespa which moves relatively slow. The Telenor 4G users have some unheard complaints and needed to be resolved at the earliest, however, the service is serving well overall.