Bengali Muslims facing genocide situation in Assam, India, warns Genocide Watch

Monitoring Desk: After warning Genocide of Kashmiris, Genocide Watch has warned that millions of Bengali Muslims Muslims are facing genocide situation in Assam, India.
The Organisation has renewed its Genocide Watch for Assam State, India on August 18 stating that where millions of Bengali Muslims face losing citizenship status and a genocidal process is underway.

Genocide Watch calls upon the UN Secretary General, the UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and key UN member states to warn India not to strip citizenship from, imprison, and forcibly displace millions of Bengali Muslims, many of whom have lived their entire lives in Assam state, India.

Genocide Watch
Begali Muslims facing genocide situation in Assam, India, warns Genocide Watch

“These are the classification, symbolization, discrimination, dehumanization, organization, and polarization stages of the genocidal process”, the report indicates.

The Report “Renew Status” indicates that over seven million people in Assam State, mostly Muslims of Bengali descent, may lose their Indian citizenship and risk imprisonment in special “foreigner detention centers.” A process is now underway to “verify” the citizenship of all 32 million inhabitants of Assam state, which requires each person to affirmatively prove that they are Indian and not an “illegal migrant.” Beginning in colonial times, millions of ethnically Bengali Muslims settled in Assam. The 2011 Indian census put their number at 10.6 million in Assam state.
At the urging of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist central government, Assam is updating its master list of “citizens.” Those classified as Indian citizens will receive new Indian identity cards, symbolizing their classification. Anyone not on the final “citizen” list will be presumptively declared a “foreigner,” subject to statelessness and indefinite detention.
Assam’s Muslims are especially likely to be excluded from the “citizen” list as part of a decades-long pattern of discrimination. The word “foreigners” is a common term of dehumanization used to exclude targeted groups from citizenship and the exercise of their fundamental civil and human rights. The Home Minister of India has repeatedly referred to the Bengali Muslims as “termites.” Anti-Muslim propaganda has polarized the Assam population.