BBC documentary “Kremlin candidate” is deep conspiracy against Trump


Moscow, Russia: Russian parliamentarians have claimed that BBC documentary about US President-elect and Russian President Vladimir Putin “Kremlin candidate” is deep conspiracy against Trump.

Russian parliamentarians are of the view that BBC Panorama documentary “Kremlin candidate” is nothing just tailor-made version of distortion of facts about US Presidential elections.

Meanwhile, Russia media believes that US intelligence agency CIA is behind information war against Donald Trump to control his candid behavior and desire to keep US away from new wars after assuming his office this week.

The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, Alexei Pushkov while giving an interview with “Life” said that the new BBC film about Trump and Putin – is another custom material made in the information war against Russia. He said members of Duma were clear that BBC wanted to marginalize US President-elect Trump before he takes charge of his office.

“In this case, the BBC came to do custom stuff that was supposed to prove that Trump is somehow connected with Russia, in order to is used for two purposes: the information war against Russia and the information war against Trump”, said Pushkov.

He also said that now the US president-elect Donald Trump found himself in exactly the same situation as the Russian leadership.

“He (Donald Trump) is the object of information attacks by the Western media. I can quite understand it. This documentary is the most disgusting media activity against any US President ever”, maintained Alexei Pushkov.

Pushkov in his interview said that the leading foreign publications are carriers of purely propagandistic position that contradicts the basic facts.

“That the amount of lies, distortions and lies that have been there over the Ukraine, destroyed any credibility in the eyes of the Western media of the Russian citizens. And while documentaries will be produced, like the one that made the BBC, I think the situation will only worsen. And news Western influence in Russia will decline”, summed up Pushkov.

BBC documentary "Kremlin candidate” is deep conspiracy against Trump

It may be mentioned that BBC Panorama documentary tries to find links between US President-elect Donald Trump with the Kremlin.

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