Bank Alfalah Digital Banking Portal- An Initiative Towards Digital Banking

Bank Alfalah becomes the first bank to introduce a Bank Alfalah Digital Banking Portal in Pakistan named Bank Alfalah Rapid. State Bank of Pakistan has taken a major step to encourage banks to launch their digital onboarding program to facilitate their customers. This portal provides its customers the ways to open their bank account, apply for credit and debit cards, subscriptions for SMS alerts, and a lot more with some clicks.  

Benefits of Digital Banking Portal

Credit and Credit Cards 

These are the banking cards used to pay for things without having actual money. With online banking apps, it has become easier for bank account holders to easily access their usage from Debit and credit cards because the details are sent directly to the user through the app. The users can also check the remaining balance or limit to their cards.

SMS Alert

Bank Alfalah Digital Banking Portal

Bank Alfalah Digital Portal sends messages automatically to the users to indicate any transactions carried out by the banking app.

Account E-Statements

This is an electronic version of our account physical statement. You can view and print statements from your computer whenever you want. 

Bank Alfalah Digital Banking Portal

To use Bank Alfalah Digital Banking Portal, you have to visit rapid.bankalfalah.com. This digital banking portal is very useful for us, you can visit your bank account from anywhere. It is a comfortable and steady digital banking portal and requires less time.

You can also go to the Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone to download the app. So, you can enjoy online banking without any hassle and problems of standing in a queue for hours to transfer money. So, all Alfalah users use this Banking Portal to enjoy an easy banking system. 

We hope you all like this scheme and will benefit from it. This way, banking will always be a click away.

Duaa Naeem
Duaa Naeem
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