Bandish 2 Drama Cast, Plot, Genre, Release Date, and Timings

Pakistani DramaBandish 2 Drama Cast, Plot, Genre, Release Date, and Timings

Bandish 2 drama

Pakistani drama industry is expert in producing dramas that involve romance, comedy, and social issues. There is little work done on the horror genre. Some of the horror dramas of Pakistani dramas are Saya, Saya 2, Bandish, and the recent Bandish Season 2. Bandish 2 Drama is coming on air that is ready to spear horror into the bones of viewers. Season 1 of Bandish was highly appraised by the viewers. So, ARY Digital is hooking the audience from the very first episode.


Bandish 2 Drama is a project of ARY Digital under the production of Fahad Mustafa’s Big Bang Production. Aabis Raza has directed this horror drama. Shahid Nizami and Syed Nabeel have written the script. It was released on 28th April 2023.

Bandish 2 Story

Bandish 2 drama

The story of Bandish 2 circulates around the family of Humairah. She is a widow who has raised her kids with Sameer and Manahil. They love each other but fall under the curse of black magic. Sameer is married and the eldest of all the siblings. He has the responsibility to look after the family as well as the business. He has a young daughter named Hoorain. His wife feels that she is possessed by some negative energies prevailing in their new house.

One of Sameer’s sisters, Manahil also falls under the influence of black magic. The whole family suffers throughout the drama. It shows the real-time effects of black magic on people without a lot of hyperrealities. Many viewers can relate to it and feel the horror while watching the drama.


The cast of Bandish 2 drama includes:

  • Sania Saeed as Humairah
  • Affan Waheed as Sameer
  • Amna Ilyas as Wania
  • Areej Mohyudin as Manahil
  • Hoorain as Hoorain
  • Faraz Farooqi as Arman
  • Imran Aslam as Hassan
  • Shuja Asad
  • Hina Rizvi
  • Zainab Qayyum
  • Sabahat Ali Bukhari
  • Aleezay Rasool

Sania Saeed

Sania Saeed

Sania Saeed is a talented Pakistani actress who has been working for decades. She is a star who knows how to make every character come to life. Her versatility is appreciatable. She is playing the role of a widow who values her family above everyone else.

Affan Waheed as Sameer

Bandish 2 drama

Affan Waheed as Sameer is a family-oriented man who has the responsibility to look after the house as well as the business. He struggles to protect everyone from the evil energies and black magic prevailing in his house.

Aman Ilyas as Wania

Pakistani model

Amna Ilyas is a bold actress and model from Pakistan. In BAndish 2 drama, she is playing the role of Wania, the wife of Sameer. She has a daughter named Hoorain who gets possessed by black magic.

Areej Mohyudin

Bandish 2 drama

Areej Mohyudin is a rising star in Pakistan. She is bubbly and usually gets roles that suit her personality. She is acting as Manahil in Bandish 2 drama who falls prey to black magic, supposedly done by her relatives.


Bandish 2 drama

Hoorian is a child artist from Pakistan who first appeared in Bashar Momin Drama. She has been the sweetheart of every viewer. Hoorian is playing the role of Hoorain in this drama. She is the daughter of Sameer and Wania. She too is not safe from the evil effects of black magic.


Bandish 2 drama broadcasts on ARY Digital every Friday at 8:00 pm.

First episode

You should definitely start watching this drama. If you haven’t started it, take a look at the first episode.

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