Baluchi people are coming out of misperceptions

OpinionBaluchi people are coming out of misperceptions

By Zarar Mangal

Since long, people of Baluchistan are waiting to get level play field and opportunities of prosperity like other people have in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and any other big city of Pakistan.


Balochistan had been a victim of a set of complexities in past and stayed far behind from others provinces.

This situation grew sense of insecurity and inferiority and feelings of dejection grew up with every growing generation, resulting in providing fertile soil for enemies of Pakistan to use this province like Indian spy and terrorist Kulbushan Jadhev did.

However, situation is changing and youth of Balochistan now is understand that Baloch people were not victim of State of Pakistan rather their own politicians who for their own motives always fan sub-nationalism while enjoying their lives in foreign countries and use Balochi youth as fodder.


Khushal Balochistan Programme which is being supervised by Pakistan Army is bearing results and of course Balochi Youth has higher expectation with PTI government.

Now Baluchistan is receiving gains from Khushal Balochistan Programme and from progress work related to the CPEC.

New leadership of the country has expressed continuous resolve to bring a positive change to the life of common people in entire Pakistan in general and the Baloch population in particular.


PM Imran khan has inaugurated 1,320-megawatt China-Hub Power Generation Plant, the first power project under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and a joint venture between China Power and Hub Power Company.

Restart of the development works in Balochistan after the recent visit of PM Imran Khan to China has muted voices casting misinformation about the CPEC.

Law and order situation in Baluchistan has rapidly progressed in recent past when scores of “so called” Baloch sub nationalists have denounced violence and decided to join back with common people to peacefully develop the province.

People have now fully understood that they can no more be misguided by the hollow slogans from the exiled leadership, which enjoys a leisure life in Europe, while locals suffer. Exposure of Indian backed hands behind these puppets is a big cause in diversion of youth from so called sub nationalists.

Many factors have contributed to the degradation in the ranks of Baloch sub nationalists.

Firstly, an understanding has gone down the minds of foot soldiers that they do not have a future at a time when new Government has seriously started addressing the concerns of estranged Baloch masses.

Secondly, People for themselves have seen a great future unfolding from the CPEC related developments. Many sane leaders like Dr. Jumma Kahn Marri have denounced supporting militancy and have decided to work for the peace and development.

Thirdly, the situation in Afghanistan and reduction in support from Indian backed assets have reduced space for militancy. Exposure of Indian designs after Kulbhushan and the revelations about RAW’s role from Ahmer Masti Khan have also raised concerns among the field fighters.

Baloch youth is coming out of the trap set to make them hostage to the hollow slogans. They can foresee the great potential of Baloch mineral enriched lands unfolding before them.

It will be unjust not to praise the leadership of Balochistan Awami Party which is sincerely working for the people. On the one hand, it is trying to redress the concerns of masses and the other hand is engaged in the reforms and development process.

commission on enforced disappearances is working transparently to address genuine concerns of the people.

Law Enforcing Agencies have achieved great successes in recent past and most of the terrorist networks have been unearthed.

Enemies of Pakistan and those of Balochistan are left with only social media front which is guided and managed through networks mostly based in India, Afghanistan, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Social media activism should be countered by the patriots in kind as well as through reporting the fake nature of these accounts to respective Medias. New cyber laws also need active implementation to counter violations from inland.

Government needs to keep wholeheartedly pursuing the cause of genuine welfare of the people.

Better chances of employment, improved law and order situation, reduction in terrorism incidents and through effective representation of masses, dream of great future of Balochistan and Pakistan can be turned into a reality.


Writer of this article by Zarar Mangal is a student in University of Turbat, Institute of Balochi Language and Culture. The views and opinions expressed in this article/Opinion/Comment are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Dispatch News Desk (DND). Assumptions made within the analysis are not reflective of the position of Dispatch News Desk.

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