Baku Int’l Students Club organizes 3rd All-Republic Forum of Foreign Students

Ulvi Ahmedli

BAKU, Azerbaijan: The Baku International Students Club organized the 3rd All-Republic Forum of Foreign Students in Baku Medical University, said a report by Eurasia Diary.

Almost 300 students from different nations studied in Baku participated in the Forum and sent an open message of tolerance to the world.

The national stands were formed at the entrance of the forum. You can get acquainted of national foods and features of different nations. For example, at the Turkish stand, there are Turkish pakhlava and chee kofta. I have never tasted chee kofta before because I heard that this is very spicy, I have always been afraid of its bitterness. I risked and tried to eat, then I almost finished one piece of kofta which I consider it very delicious.

I talked with Turkish citizen Tevfik Adijan who is making doctorate in biophysics at Baku State University. He told me that Baku welcomed him much better than he expected. The security level of Baku impressed him. “You can’t witness fight in Baku streets. Security is the best thing and special for Baku,” he told.

“I have been in other cities, but I feel myself close to people here. Language is the main part of communication,” Adijan added.

One of the students from Turkey Aylin Korkmaz who studies Psychology at Baku State University shared her positive impression. She expressed enjoy from hospitality.

I also approached to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan stand, where you can see Uzbek national dress and Turkmen hat. The student of Uzbekistan offered me to taste a piece of national sweet called chak chak and pakhlava which I found very tasty.

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China presented its brushes which are used for drawing and writing. As we know China is famous for its calligraphy and brushes has special importance in this sphere. Kazakhstan presented souvenirs and a small model of Kazakh traditional tent called yurt.

During the forum, students showed their traditional dances. When Palestinian students danced dabke highly energetic and joyfully, all the audience applauded them till the end.

Apart from dabke other national dances were performed in the stage by students.

At the end of the forum, I had a chance to talk with students from Iran (South Azerbaijan). They are very happy in Azerbaijan and they don’t consider Azerbaijan as a foreign state, they feel themselves at home here.

One of Iraqi student also shares her opinion. She expressed his gratitude for the organisers of the Forum.

I deeply impressed such a multi-cultural aura in the Forum. I am very proud of to see people from different ethnics to enjoy together. They talk with each other and make photos together. The slogan of the Forum, “We are stronger together” describes the strength in diversity in a most beautiful way

You feel yourself in a tranquil place where is far from quarrels and tears of sadness. The world suffers from intolerance to diversities has to learn to respect other cultures from these students.