Babar Ali’s Video with Kids Turning into Fun Moment Goes Viral

EntertainmentBabar Ali’s Video with Kids Turning into Fun Moment Goes Viral

Babar Ali is not only a good actor but also a great father who follows a friendly association with his children.

Babar Ali is one of the most sophisticated actors of Pakistan showbiz industry who entertained his fans with amazing acting in a number of Pakistani movies in the past. He remained off the screen for good long time and then started off with a show on a private channel which proved to be his comeback in the industry after good long time. He can be seen acting in different prominent dramas at present and his fans are really admiring him. Babar Ali has three kids including two daughters and a son.

Babar Ali’s Video got viral

If we take a flashback to his looks in the past, we can quickly have him in mind as a young actor with long shining hair which was his style statement for an extended time period. However, now he is having short hair which a mixed black and white beard and it’s really making him stand out!

Babar Ali’s Video with his Kids Doing Rounds over the Internet

Babar Ali is not only a good actor but also a great father who follows a friendly association with his children so much so that he keeps on uploading TikTok videos with his daughter on Instgram.  The videos have been going viral on social media for the sweet bonding between Babar Ali and his kids.

Recently, Babar Ali took a video to Instagram in which he is trying to concentrate on making a serious video with poetry narration which turns into a fun moment with the interruption of his kids. The first moment when he narrates a poetic verse, his daughter jumps in front of the camera and acts like she is checking herself in a mirror to which Babar Ali stops her so that he can make video.

The next moment his son shown up in the cam doing the same thing as his sister i.e. acting like he is having a glance of himself in a mirror and then again Babar Ali stops him so that he can concentrate. As soon as Babar Ali’s poetry got completed in narration, both of his kids popped up from behind the sofa while swirling and passing in dancing style making the moment worthwhile.

Babar Ali’s TikTok Videos with Daughter Zainab

So it is not the first time that the father-kids duo video is going viral over the internet. Babar Ali keeps on posting amazing TikTok videos with her talented daughter Zainab on Instagram and everyone watches it every time again and again for its perfection and affection between father and daughter. Here we have got one of the best videos Babar Ali posted on Father’s Day which was exclusively made in relevance to the occasion.

Babar Ali’s Recent Projects

After a good long time, Babar Ali can be seen in drama serial Zebaish and Tarap in the lead roles for which he has been gathering great commendation from the fans. The new look and the different way of acting has made Babar Ali once again surface with a blast as an amazing actor in the industry.

Wardah Farooqi
Wardah Farooqi
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