B-52 bombers back in Afghan skies as US intensified air attacks on Taliban

Monitoring Desk: United States has launched the latest air raids on Afghanistan by using B-52 bombers and AC-130-Spectre warplanes to target the Taliban who are advancing towards Kandahar and other cities.


Reports coming from Kabul suggest that 45 civilians including 11 children eight women in Kunduz after B-52 showered death bombs on the civilian population.

This is yet to clear what air-based is being used for US Air Force to attack Afghanistan. Damages were reported from Kunduz city where “Saray Shali” market was targeted by US B-52 Airstrikes.

B-52 can carry a 70,000lb payload and can fly as far as 8,000 miles so the US can attack Afghanistan from anywhere while AC-130 Spectre gunships are best for fire from the air with their 25mm Gatling guns, 40mm Bofors cannons and 105mm M102 cannons.

Human Rights groups have expressed their concerns about more collateral damages as US Air Force has a bad record in past and targeted civilian infrastructure such as hospitals/schools.

Meanwhile, the Taliban continued their advances on Sunday and captured several towns in the north. It may be remembered US launched its first air attack on Afghanistan in October 2001 by using B-52.

Afghan government claimed that over 600 Taliban were killed in the last two days by airstrikes.
Six hundred Taliban were killed and more than 300 wounded in Resolute Support B-52 bomber airstrikes in Jawzjan and Paktia provinces,” said Rohullah Ahmadzai, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.


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