“Azerbaijan is door to Caspian and Asian regions, says Mexican ambassador Rodrigo Labardini

Monitoring Desk: “Azerbaijan is not only the door between East and West but also the door to the Caspian Sea and to the Central Asian region”

This was stated by the Ambassador of the United Mexican States to Azerbaijan Rodrigo Labardini in his interview with Anastasia Lavrina of Eurasia Diary.

Ambassador Rodrigo Labardini was of the view that Azerbaijan offers (offered) a wide range of opportunities for cooperation in various sectors and Mexico considers (considered) cooperation with Azerbaijan as very important.

Anastasia Lavrina while taking interview of Ambassador of the United Mexican States to Azerbaijan Rodrigo Labardini for Eurasia Diary

Azerbaijan which is the largest country in the Caucasus has excellent bilateral relations with Mexico which opened its Embassy in Azerbaijan in 2014.

Ambassador Rodrigo Labardini said in his interview that his country is working on introducing more of its products in Azerbaijani market.

“We are planning to bring more products from Mexico, such as fruits, sweets, tequila, beer and etc. In the end of April, we will try to bring a commercial mission of tequila producers from Mexico to seat together with Azerbaijani companies dealing with import and distribution to try to make ways for cooperation. We are also planning to make some supermarkets to have a Mexican corner where the consumers can find different Mexican souses, chili, sweets with chili, chocolate, tequila, beer and etc,”, added Ambassador Rodrigo Labardini.

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