Azadi March in Pakistan Because We want to to burn Pakistan like Egypt, Libya, Syria

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From Maidan Euro Kiev to D Chowk Islamabad--All is set for regime change in Pakistan
Agha Iqrar Haroon

I remember what happened in Maidan Euro Kiev, Ukraine on December 2, 2013 when protesters started marching towards Presidential Secretariat first time after protesting peacefully for one month. Protesters ransacked government buildings and attempted to retake the street near the presidential administration bloc but were pushed back by Berkut (special riot police force). EU and US top leaders were visiting Maidan Euro offering their support t protestors against sitting elected pro Russian President Yanukovych. Subsequently situation became so grave that Viktor Yanukovych ran from Ukraine on 22 February 2014 and government was fallen to protesters of Maidan Euro (known as Euro Maidan). New presidential elections took place and new Pro-West President took over the charge. It was a “peaceful transfer of power” for European Union and for United States. Subsequently Ukraine was divided into many parts practically but European Union and United State blamed Russia for this disintegration. Removing elected government through protests is a normal old theory in the world of democracy because democracy unfortunately gives full right and authority to un-democratic forces to protest, hold rallies and throw democratic governments.

Viktor Yanukovych was claiming that there was a great conspiracy against him to remove him and install pro-US government in Kiev. US and EU were of the view that Viktor Yanukovych used brutal force against protestors and he was killing the soul of democracy so he must be removed.

Yanukovych was leveling same allegations on United States that former Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto leveled against US way back in 1977. Bhutto was removed by US backed army chief Ziaul Haq who leveled same charges against Bhutto that were leveled on Yanukovych as Zia said that Bhutto used brutal force against protestors of PNA in Lahore and he was killing the soul of democracy so he was removed.

Charges level by Bhutto was similar to charges leveled by former Libyan President Qadafi before he was removed and brutally killed by US backed radical Islamists. US and EU were of the view that Qadafi used brutal force against protestors and there was no democracy so he must be removed while Qadafi was claiming that US and EU wanted to destablise and disintegrate his country.

Saddam Hussian was also removed because he used brutal force against opponents and there was no democracy and people of Iraq wanted democratic rule so he was removed.

There is a popular perception that “US government plans regime change and then Western Media promotes such regime changes that are planned by US government. But there is also a popular perception in Pakistan that “someone plans regime change and then sponsored Media promotes such regime changes that are planned by “Someone”.

Political observers who promote this perception provide historical perspectives in support of their perception (that has become almost a narrative now). Instead of going into deep into history, one can cite recent global changes and developments in support of this perception. Examples:

“US government plans and Western Media promotes”

Saddam has Weapons of Mass Destruction (WDMs). He is a dangerous man for the world.

Followed by:

Regime changed Iraq goes to total disaster and in the hands of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and brutal terrorists of many off shoots of Al-Qaeeda.

US government says and Western Media promotes

Taliban are like animals and biggest danger for the world—

Followed by:

Regime changed—Afghanistan under NATO and ISAF attacks for 13 years—No results Taliban still imposing Shariah law in Pushtun dominated areas

US government says and Western Media promotes

Qadafi is criminal world terrorists corrupt dangerous and people of his country wish democratic government.

Followed by:

Regime changed Libya goes in the hands of terrorists and Al-Qaeeda

US government says and Western Media promotes

Arab spring is a breeze of democracy in Egypt.

Followed by:

Regime changed and Egypt becomes unstable and dangerous for the world (then again regime changes).

US government says and Western Media promotes

Viktor Yanukovych is brutal person killing innocent people in Maidan Euro. He is dictator.

Followed by:

Regime changed. Ukraine divided. Parliament failed to work and dissolved.


All is set for regime change in Pakistan?

Who wishes to change regime in Pakistan?

Political leaders and member of Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif cabinet are claiming that someone wants to try to destabilize Pakistan and want to create anarchy in country for making Pakistan like Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. But members of cabinet are giving name who is this “someone”?

Situation has become very grave in Pakistan. One political party that did not participate in last elections wants to remove sitting government through Islamic Green revolution while another party that contested last elections and formed government in KPK wants to remove sitting government through Azadi March for a installing a true democracy. Both parties have joined hands to throw sitting government on Independence Day of Pakistan— August 14.

One party that did not contest last elections is Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT). His leader is Abdul Shakoor Qadri aka Dr. Tahirul Qadri. He lives in Canada and he is Canadian citizen but have huge following in Pakistan. He is moderate religious leader and believes in Sufism. He does not believe in exiting system including judiciary, parliament and democracy. He offers a new politico religious system. He does not believe in Constitution and he wishes to change everything that forms a State and rule of Law. He offers Quran as substitute political and administrative system for change. His party had a history of fighting with police in past and now he has directed his followers to fight with police if police try to stop them to go to Islamabad for removal of sitting government. He used very strong language against government and said:

“If I am assassinated, you (his followers) must kill Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, his entire family and cabinet”.

He has threaten the state operatives including Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, Federal Cabinet and Police for dire consequences if anything happens to him or his followers.

He openly talked about bloodshed in the country by saying that all revolutions in the world had blood and sacrifices behind them. He gave example of France revolution and Freedom war of United States stating that revolution always needs sacrifices.

He directed his followers to respond any aggression against them by the police with full force. He also asked police officials to leave the support of Punjab government and joined his revolution.

His speech in English was different from his speech in Urdu. In Urdu he asked his workers to ready for revolution as it was in Untied States and France and asked them to fight against any attempt for arresting him with their blood and soul but his English speech was totally different sayings that he and his followers will remain peaceful in any circumstances. In English speech he said that his narrative about Qisas (he demanded eye for eye head for eye during his last speech) and said that he believed in court of laws of Pakistan and wanted justice for his killed workers through courts not through Qisas.

While second party Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) that rules KPK province had contra with sitting government and accusing government for rigging in last elections that held in May 2013. Now Chairman of this party Imran Khan says he will not talk to government to resolve rigging  issues now and will announce his line of action on August 14 and he has demanded resignation from sitting Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif.

Sitting government used administrative forces to stop rallies of Dr. Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan but has failed practically. Now Prime Minister has decided to call Pakistan Army to help civil administration on August 14 in Punjab under Constitutional article 245 that enables civilian government to take help of Army for law and order situation.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif has summoned an unscheduled and important meeting of the Corps Commanders at the army’s General Headquarters in Rawalpindi on Monday (august 11) to review the situation in the country because supporting civilian government under article 245 is quite critical issue and Army chief wishes to get moral support of his commanders before taking any decision. The sources said that important matters related to internal security and military operational matters would come under consideration during the meeting.

The role of main stream media in Pakistan looks dubious as it is promoting statements and speeches of people who are opening talking about to create anarchy in the country, threatening to create a state where no institution is allowed to work including parliament, judiciary and police.

Political observers claim that there is a rift between sitting political government and armed forces over the issue of handling of cases against former Chief of the Army Gen Musharraf who wishes to leave this country but government is trying him in different cases. Leaders of ruling political party claim that someone is behind Imran Khan and Dr. Qadri for removing sitting government.

Who is this someone?

Foreign forces like United States


Some friends of Gen. Musharraf sitting in armed forces?

Answer can only come from Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif before it is too late for him to give an answer as Prime Minister.

Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
A netpreneur, blogger and above all; A Human :) Asad tweets from @aghaasadharoon and can also be approached on Google+

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