Azadi March & Inqilab March: The Great Game and The Great conspiracy

 Azadi March & Inqilab March: “The Great Game and The Great conspiracy.”

The Great Game

Note: Tribune Express refused to Publish This article, and the author doesn’t support any political party.

By Agha Asad Haroon


The Great Game in Islamabad: 

This is an essential question in Pakistan why Opposition and treasury benches are standing together in Pakistan? Pakistan has a long history of intrigues where opposition tried to destabilize and throw sitting governments. This time, all parliamentarians are together to stand with and protect the Parliament. Another question is why Pakistan Army having all moral justification, is trying to protect Parliament although Army historically suspends Parliament and throw democracy under its boots? The question is simple—all sane stakeholders (The Army—The Government, and the Opposition) know a big conspiracy against Pakistan. They are trying to shut off this conspiracy together.

Some of the readers might be aware of the terminology “The Great Game”, but of the rest, I will explain it in depth. This article is not just about the current political scenario of Pakistan but of the whole world, focusing on Muslim states. This debate doesn’t revolve around preferring democracy or dictatorship but discussing the facts from the past.


If we talk about Pakistan until the Z A Bhutto regime, anyone could say that Pakistan was a secular and progressing country. If Bhutto would have survived; then today, we could have expected Pakistan to stand in the world community with power and respect or maybe as progressive or prosperous as Turkey.

The great game started when Z.A Bhutto planned to form Islamic Block globally. We knew that Muslim countries could never be prosperous without unity, although every one of them is full of natural resources.

In February 1974, Mr Bhutto hosted an Islamic Summit Conference at Lahore. His was the most critical assembly of the top leaders from all the thirty-eight Muslim nations, comprising one-fifth of humanity. Hey included King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, President Anwer Saddat of Egypt, Colonel Qaddafi of Libya, Shaikh Mujib Ur Rehman of Bangladesh, Chairman Yassar Arafat of Palestine Liberation Organization almost every other monarch, President and prime minister of the Islamic World. At the end of the Conference, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was elected Chairman of the Organization of Islamic Conference.

The mission of OIC was to strengthen the Muslim countries and resolve significant issues like Kashmir and Palestine. A Bhutto believed that if OIC is successful, then the participant countries will be controlling the economy of the whole world. However, with time, it was proved that OIC was more like a suicidal mission for all the participants and countries. One by one, every participant was assassinated or killed. It’s important to mention a fact that all of these leaders were open-minded towards progress and believed in the unity of mankind and modern Islam.


Attaching the strings:

  1. On 25 March 1975, King Faisal of Saudia was shot point-blank and killed by his half-brother’s son.
  2. On 15 August 1975, a group of junior army officers invaded the presidential residence with tanks and killed Shaikh Mujib Ur Rehman of Bangladesh and his family.
  3. On 18 March 1978, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was not declared guilty of murder but was sentenced to death.
  4. On 6 October 1981, Sadat of Egypt was assassinated during the annual victory parade held in Cairo
  5. 20 October 2011, Qaddafi of Libya was executed publically.
  6. 11 November 2004, Yassar Arafat of Palestine is believed to be died because of polonium poisoning.

Aftermath of OIC Countries:

  • Terrorism in Saudi Arabia has mainly been attributed to Islamic extremists and is somehow involved in every terror activity globally.
  • After the fall of the Bhutto regime, the US invaded Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan and gave birth to Jihadists, now known as Taliban or Al Qaida.
  • An uncertain revolution demanding regime change started in Libya, resulting in bloodshed and civil war.
  • Another uncertain regime change was demanded in Egypt, ending in bloodshed with civil war, dictatorship and violent Islamist Insurgency.

At the moment, the Muslim world is in precarious condition. There is a war going on, starting from Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and ending in Afghanistan. one could easily compare the current lifestyle of Afghanistan with the one before the invasion of Jihadists.

People living in Egypt curse themselves for throwing away the Hosni regime, and people in Iraq are also paying the price to throw away the Sadam regime.

The same was the case in Libya that Libyans, which used to enjoy one of the best lifestyles in the world, are now crying in the horror of blood. This should also be mentioned that during the Qadaffi regime, the state was taking care of every citizen, which assured to provide private house, jobs, 0% interest on loans, free funds for studying abroad, free education in Libya, etc. etc. The Green Book (Muammar Gaddafi) can be consulted for more information regarding the lifestyle of Libyans.


The Final Episode:

By getting all the facts straight from history, we can agree that there is always a conspiracy behind changing the regime in any part of the world. The sudden demand for regime change in Iraq, Libya, and Egypt destabilized them, and now they live on just one rule, which is “Survival of the fittest.”

So now, what is the final episode? The last episode is about Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri demanding a regime change. Let’s think logically apart from being a supporter of any political party. We can agree that Pakistan Army is of a view to ending terrorism in Pakistan, which was started a long ago by foreign empires.

In 2014 we observed that the Pakistan Army has zero-tolerance for extremist groups and wants to eliminate terrorism from its roots. As part of the terrorism issue, every Pakistani has been radicalized, and the process started in the Zia regime.

Currently, Pakistan is also suffering from a political melodrama of Imran Khan demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister of Pakistan while Qadri demanding the system to be dissolved. It’s not easy to understand why a Canadian national is so interested in a new scheme in Pakistan while he spent most of his time in Canada.

On the other hand, Imran Khan is not interested in resolving any issues with the Government and sticking to one point agenda of PM’s resignation and technocrat Government.

Few strange facts which went unnoticed by the common public:

  • The change of MQM stance after the arrest of Pakistani linked with Imran Farooq Murder case.
  • Tuqeer Shah, Political Secretary of Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz, responsible for Model Town killings in Joint Investigation Report and Lahore High Court Commission, has left Pakistan for Canada— country from where Tahiru Qadri has come to Pakistan. Tuqeer Shah is allegedly responsible for not conveying the critical message of the then Minister for Law to Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif. it may be mentioned Mian Shahbaz was busy in the oath-taking ceremony of acting Chief Justices of Lahore High Court held at Governor House when Law Minister Rana Sanaullah called Tuqeer Shah and asked him to convey the message to Mian Shahbaz Sharif immediately that unruly mob had attacked police outside Tahirul Qadri residence and police were planning to charge them but the situation could become grave so he (Rana Sanaullah wanted advice from CM.  hy Tuqeer Shah did not convey this important message to CM is yet to be known by investigators and now he has left the country and will be announced absconder because he is also nominated in the murder case of the Model Town killings where police killed 14 workers of PAT.
  • Government under pressure right after one of the most extensive military operations started against extremists, “Zarb e Azb.”
  • Imran Khan reveals that he will start dialogues with the Taliban when he comes into power.
  • Qadri is against the current political system and constitutional procedures.
  • Qadri spreading violence when speaking in Urdu while talking about peace in English?
  • Both of the parties in rallies are using children and women on the front to avoid the use of force by the Government.
  • None of the parties is willing to go back before the Government steps down.
  • Just like Libya, Egyptian people have gathered publicly, and the leaders are spreading violence, hate speech and a sense of hatred for the ruling party.
  • Qadri came to Pakistan for what?
  • Why did everything get worse when the GDP was going up and the currency value increased day by day?
  • A lot of foreign investment was being pooled in our economic system.
  • It may be mentioned that the Chinese President is due in Islamabad this month, giving with the massive package of social and infrastructure development. Experts believe the Chinese President will also develop financial and weaponry support to Pakistan Army to deal with post-Nato Withdraw from Afghanistan scenario.
  • Who is arranging the money for PAT to organize such a big Dharana that can be estimated at more than 12 crores in the last 15 days, even double it?



If we go to youtube and watch the revolution videos of the Middle East, then we will see the same thing happening in Pakistan even the slogans are the same.

The sudden demand of Naya Pakistan and craving for it is taking us nowhere except instability and radicalization. The sudden feel for regime change seems to be a little odd, considering US withdrawal from Afghanistan is on the cards shortly.

This may not be the case, but things seem to be odd. This is the time for Pakistani people to think about what they are up to or being used emotionally against their own country. They can read about the history of Libya and Egypt to understand the current political scenario of Pakistan. In a nutshell, Pakistan is always pushed backed economically or culturally whenever Pakistan is on the pathway of progress.


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