Axact Scandal: How could NYT establish story against Axact for fake degree scam?


How could NYT establish story against Axact for fake degree scam?


The story of New York Times (NYT) against Axact Group for alleged degree scam is the talk of the country and Axact Group claims that story was fabricated on the behest of media houses of Pakistan including Express Group against Axact because latter is coming up with biggest ever media enterprise –Bol media network. Axact Group also questioned the credibility of the reporter Declan Walsh who authored the story.

Axact Group took a stance that NYT story was a result of infighting of Axact group with media giants of Pakistan who are threaten by the launch of Axact sponsored project of Bol television channel as well as other media products.

Data collected indicated that first serious complaint against “McGraw University”  appeared at a website site titled as “Consumer Watchdog” dated May 14, 2012. (Link

http://consumerwatchdogbw.blogspot.com/2012/05/mcgraw-university-another-fake.html). However, the credibility of complaint is not clear and this complaint could be/ can be just a maligning campaign against Axact Group.

This complaint could be a lead for NYT reporter to initiate or support his investigation because IP address is common in most of the Universities and Accreditation bodies reported by NYT. The name of Axact Group was not mentioned in this complaint.

Axact Scandal Fake Degree Scam
Screen 1

Axact Scandal Fake Degree ScamIt could be a coincidence or some technical issue that websites of universities and accreditation bodies  (International Accreditation Council for Open Education) have fake reputation are using IP addresses used by Axact official website in the second last loop of tracert command which is very common for Techies.

Axact Scandal Fake Degree Scam


Axact Scandal Fake Degree Scam

Looking further towards the name servers records of the universities in question and of the BOL TV official Website also revealed uniqueness. It can be a coincidence also and nothing can be said with responsibility but such points are on the cards of investigators of Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) of Pakistan.

Axact Scandal Fake Degree Scam


Axact Scandal Fake Degree Scam

As per common information the second last result of tracert command reflects the main server IP on which the websites are routed further on different IP’s. For instance a company with number of websites will have one main server through which they will allocate dedicated IP to their different websites but during tracert command all the websites have to reach the main server before redirecting to the dedicated IP or sub-server.

Another article titled “Biggest Diploma Mill Scam in World History” published on December 10, 2012 (http://www.dltruth.com/printthread.php?tid=1456) could/might help NYT reporter to build the case against Axact.

The story published at above mentioned link leveled serious charges against Axact and claimed as:

The massive Karachi-based Organization for Global Learning Education has perpetrated a scam on the American public that continues to contravene domestic and international laws. They have lied to and ignored our government investigators — and it appears they are going to get away with it. They get your money through a number of fake universities and launder the money through an organization known as Education Services Provider (in California) that in turn deposits your money to a bank in Pakistan.

The credibility of above mentioned online publication and charges against Axact is also not clear and difficult to prove.

Another complaint for alleged fake degree selling against Axact appeared at Complaints Board (http://www.complaintsboard.com) on June 2014 titled “Axact Pvt. Ltd, Riyadh Complaints & Reviews – Selling Fake Degrees and Diplomas”.

The credibility of above mentioned online publication and charges against Axact is also not clear and difficult to prove.

Axact Group even before entering into media world has been in controversies but fought back strongly in courts of law. The Group is sending Defamation Notices to many writing about this issue or lifting/reproducing NYT story. Now this group is under legal/criminal investigation and Federal Investigation Authority of Pakistan (FIA) has initiated investigations and offices in Islamabad and Karachi were visited by FIA authorities. The Parliament of Pakistan has taken serious notice of this whole issue and Interior Minister of Pakistan Ch. Nisar said on Wednesday that it could take a month or so for initial investigations.

The Federal Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has urged media including the New York Times (NYT) not to create hype and jump to conclusions regarding investigation into the Axact fake degrees scam.

Talking to media representatives outside the Parliament House in Islamabad on Wednesday afternoon, he rather asked media to wait for the ongoing investigations by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) into allegations leveled by the NYT in its May 17 report about Axact degree scandal to complete.

The interior minister said that he has already ordered an inquiry by the FIA which is being carried out by its seven-member committee representing cyber and corporate wings.

Nisar also clarified that neither inquiry committee has been changed nor name of any one placed on the Exit Control List (ECL) for which a specific procedure is followed.

The minister said that the FIA has seized 42 company servers and experts have suggested that it could take a month to conduct forensic auditing. He further said that foreign technicians may be sought from abroad if needed.

Moreover, he said that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Securities & Exchanges Commission of Pakistan (SECP) were also asked to provide all relevant information on the company to the investigating team.

The interior minister vowed to ensure transparency in the probe and that said the scrutiny will be concluded as soon as possible.

This investigation by FIA can be helpful for Axact Group because such investigation can give clean chit to Axact if it is not involved in such scams and constant maligning campaign (as claimed by Axact Group) against Axact will come to an end.


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