Available 30% Discount on Lawn Clearance Sale by Rafia.pk

As you know due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become hard for people to leave their houses without the fear of being infected by Coronavirus which is the deadly virus that had spread all around the world in the early 2020 and almost two years after its variants are also spreading widely and are just as deadly.


In these circumstances, even imagining about going out and doing shopping looks like a suicide mission so people what was the best for them, they turned toward online shopping because without doing shopping no one can live. People have started to buy everything online whether it is grocery, electric accessories, or clothes which ignite the digital economy of the country.

In this period many clothing brands have reached to the peaks through their online reach and people have started to give well-deserved recognition to these brands which are giving quality clothes at affordable prices. One of these brands is Rafia.pk which sells the best quality clothes at reasonable prices, for Rafia.pk the most important thing is its loyal customers and we always try our level best to satisfy our customers with unique designs and quality stuff and try to give better with every new collection.

So for this summer lawn collection, Rafia.pk has announced the clearance sale of 30% discount and if you liked our summer collection it’s the best time for to take action and grab this opportunity to buy your favorite clothes on the minimum prices and have it without the worry to roam around the streets to it get as it will be at your doorstep in the given time.

Here is what you will be getting in this clearance sale.


This clearance sale includes formal wear which is the dress with heavy machine embroidery and radiant colors which will give you a remarkable look and with a 30% discount these Pakistani designer dresses have become too good to be true. You can wear these dresses to wedding functions. The stuff with which is used in making these dresses are durable and you do not have to treat them with a lot of care.


Luxury pert is also a part of this sale. You will be getting fancy jacquard which has slight machine embroidery and some are even printed. These dresses are best for a small party. You can wear these dresses on a formal meeting as it will leave a good impression on people.


These are the one-piece digital printed kurtis which you can wear on the family dinner party and can even wear it casually. The printed are exceptionally good and clothes do not leave the colors so do not have to worry about washing it separately. The prices were already reasonable but this 30% sale offer it become more attractive.


Rafia.pk is offering unstitched 3 price suits in the clearance sale. These unstitched suits have digital prints on them and can be worn on several occasions like Eid.

We hope that your experience with Rafia.pk clearance sale will awesome.

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