What to do when you have an Automatic payment pending on Adsense?

AdSense payouts temporarily delayed for November 2018


Google has recently reported a problem with their payments and has issued an advisory.

Okay, so today’s article is about hot topic i.e. delayed AdSense payment! It is the general belief that on 21st of every month publishers get payment transfer confirmation email from Google AdSense.

Adsense Automatic payment pending

What happened this month? “No”vember means “no” payment? Lol, jokes apart. We are observing that a lot of people are complaining about delayed payment transfer! It is 26th of the month and people haven’t received any email and their account balance is still the same, as it was before 21st! Why is it happening?

Especially if you are new to this field then we can understand that how nervous you are, right now! Well, we tried to find the details about delayed google AdSense payment.

  • If your payment status is “automatic payment pending” and showing your account number with it then it is completely fine, relax! You will receive your payment soon through AdSense wire transfer to a bank account facility.
  • Millions of people are earning money through AdSense. It is a really huge network. Obviously, there are millions of transactions every month and their time is 21st-26th. So, relax. You will get your payment approval soon.
  • Sometimes, payment gets delayed due to the weekend. As 24th and 25th November weren’t working days. It can be the reason for your delayed payment approval!

Are you still concerned about your Adsense Payment?

Well, you are not alone here. A lot of people have reported on Reddit that their payment has been delayed. Some were from Europe and some from Asian countries. This should be kept in mind that recently there were two holidays, Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

There is no need to worry, things will get better soon. Many people are complaining about this issue but the reality is that Google always says that the payment would be cleared between 21st to 26th so wait for 26th of the month. Sometimes, there is a delay with certain banks due to which the payment schedules are affected.  On the other hand, most of the people who face this issue have selected wire transfer as there mode of payment while the western union is one of the fastest payment methods of Google Adsense.


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