Atif Aslam sings Indian songs on Pakistan Day Parade New York City NYC 2018


Monitoring Desk: Like every year the annual Pakistan Day Parade in New York City turns out to be a huge festival and largest gathering for Pakistanis in the United States. The Pakistan Independence Day Parade 2018 was held on 5th August. The well known Pakistani singer Atif Aslam was invited to perform in the Parade of 2018 and 71th anniversary of Pakistan.

While performing in front of the huge crowd, Atif Aslam sung his Bollywood hits.  Although it was a Pakistan Parade and should have celebrated with Pakistan national songs, However,  Pakistanis are enjoying the concert and singing along with him while holding the Pakistan flags as shown in the videos.

Some people are criticizing him for singing Indian songs during the concert and saying that he should have shown some patriotism by singing Patriotic songs. Rumors also said the he refused to wave a Pakistani Flag as well. However, this point was not confirmed by officials of Embassy of Pakistan.

Seems like the 34 year old singer is in trouble as people are trolling him all over the social media by calling him a shame for the country but his fans are supporting him by arguing against such comments. Some Pakistanis claimed that Atif Aslam was paid 9 million Pakistani rupees for the concert.

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