Asia Bibi Verdict: Cellular services partially closed down in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

Rawalpindi, Pakistan: Cellular services (Mobile Phone Service) was closed down around Faizabad intersection area and Karal Chowk in Rawalpindi on the night of Wednesday-Thursday.
The action possibly was taken disrupt communication networking of activists of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) who blocked Faizabad Interchange, Aabpara, Kashmir Highway, and Express Way near New Shakriyal. Sources in local administration claim that police crackdown on protestors was expected and step of suspending cellular services was taken as preemptive measure.
It is pertinent to mention that following the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan which declared Asia Bibi acquitted for lack of evidence in Blasphemy Case, protests erupted across the Country against the judgement of the Supreme Court and the Prime Minister Imran Khan had to appear on state run television and addressed the nation to give a message to protestors that State would establish its writ in case blockade and lock downs were not removed by protestor.
In his address to the nation on Wednesday after violent protests erupted in the Country following the Supreme Court’s decision in favour of Asia Bibi Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed protesters to avoid conflict with the State, as it would eventually cause damage to the Country and its people.
“I have come to address the nation on the views expressed by a small faction of our society vilifying the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan,” the prime minister said.
The prime minister appealed protestors to calm down and clear roads & streets otherwise the State shall act. He said that State will operate its writ and ensure security of the people and their property.
“The State will fulfill its obligation in protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Pakistan. I appeal to all to respect the law & not disrupt the lives of common citizens,” he said.

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