Asfandyar Wali says it’s wrong to blame politicians for opposing Kalabagh Dam

Leader of Awami National Party (ANP) Asfandyar Wali Khan has said that it is wrong to blame politicians for opposing the Kalabagh dam as the first opposition to its construction came from non-parties assemblies.

Asked who was responsible for power shortages‚ Asfandyar said that if WAPDA knew back as 1986 that Kalabagh had become controversial then why it didn’t go for other options.

He said demand for power is increasing due to rapid increase in population as well as urbanization and village electrification but no power station was added for a long time. He said the PPP and its allies share the blame for the shortages but others cannot escape the burden as well.

Replying to a question ANP leader said his party would go to the masses in elections with its performance.

He said it was after 3 generation of struggle that the province got its identity and the demand of the ANP for provincial autonomy has also been met through 18th Constitutional amendment.