Scholars Indian School Ras Al Khaimah: A Centre of Excellence

UncategorizedScholars Indian School Ras Al Khaimah: A Centre of Excellence

Scholars Indian School Ras Al Khaimah

Parents seeking quality education for their children in the UAE need to look no further. Scholars Indian School Ras Al Khaimah is a pioneer institution aiming to nurture students to their maximum potential. With an approach that blends physical, emotional, and spiritual faculties, this school is the epitome of holistic education.


i. Introduction to Scholars Indian School
ii. School’s history
iii. Vision and mission
iv. Staff overview
v. Curriculum details
vi. Extracurricular activities
vii. Physical education
viii. School achievements
ix. Teacher Enhancement Program
x. Student recognition system
xi. FAQs
xii. Conclusion

School History:

Established in 1999 by Mr. Habibur Rahman Mundol, Scholars Indian School began with a humble group of 159 students and 21 staff members. Today, the school has grown exponentially, catering to 1500 students from Kindergarten to Grade XII under the guidance of 112 dedicated staff members.

Vision and Mission:

‘Seeking True Wisdom’ – this motto encapsulates the school’s aim of becoming a center of excellence in providing quality education. The school focuses on moral growth and holistic development; each student gets multiple avenues to unmask their innate talents.

Staff and Management:

Led by Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M, the Principal, the school’s team works relentlessly to fulfill the school’s vision. The management collaborates on all ventures, ensuring standardized education is interspersed with disciplined learning.

Curriculum Details:

Scholars Indian School Ras Al Khaimah

The Private Education Department of the UAE Ministry of Education licenses Scholars Indian School. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India. The curriculum emphasizes analysis, research, and creativity, allowing students to cogitate and assimilate tangible facts.

In terms of affordability, the school maintains competitive annual fees ranging from AED 4,600 to AED 8,650, varying according to the grade level. This financial structure enables a wider range of families to access the high-quality education that Scholars Indian School provides.

Extracurricular Activities:

Scholars Indian School Ras Al Khaimah

From youth festivals to student council elections, Scholars Indian School believes in a rich blend of academic and extracurricular activities. Students participate in various events within and outside the emirate, fostering their development.

Physical Education:

Physical fitness is prioritized, with students encouraged to participate in sports like football, handball, basketball, and cricket. These activities aim to make them sturdy and physically fit.

School Achievements:

The visit to NASA, the participation in various competitions, the commendable results — the list of achievements of Scholars Indian School is long. High achievers are acknowledged with badges, boosting their morale and encouraging them to strive for more.

Teacher Enhancement Program:

Teachers undergo a diverse enhancement program to ensure effective and child-oriented classroom teaching. They work tirelessly to harness students’ expertise and revamp their dormant skills.

Student Recognition System:

Badges are conferred on high achievers, which boosts their morale and motivates them to keep reaching great heights. This system of recognition also encourages healthy competition among students.


What curriculum does Scholars Indian School follow?

Scholars Indian School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, India.

What extracurricular activities are there at campus?

The school hosts youth festivals, student council elections, sports events, and more.

How does the school acknowledge student achievements?

Scholars Indian School recognizes high-achieving students by conferring badges on them.

What is the school’s approach to physical education?

Students are encouraged to participate in sports like football, handball, basketball, and cricket.

What is the teacher enhancement program?

This program equips teachers with advanced skills to improve their classroom teaching effectiveness.


With a balanced approach to academic and holistic development, Scholars Indian School Ras Al Khaimah remains a top choice for parents in the UAE. The school’s commitment to providing quality education makes it a beacon of excellence, shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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