ARMY-2015 starts in Moscow

By Varonika

Moscow, Russia: International Military Technical Forum “ARMY-2015” has started in Moscow. This international forum has been planned by Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation that will attract armed leadership from all over the world during June 16 to June 19.

The best way to assess the scale of the event can be judged by the inauguration of the event by President Vladimir Putin. Exhibition of military hardwares is established at “Patriot Park in Kubinka area of Moscow district. Over 5000 hectares park was created this year as this area was just a forest in January.

During his inaugural address, the President Putin stressed that Russian arms and military equipment remain in great demand on the global arms market and the arms order portfolio has been filled for years to come. Russian companies can offer the entire range of services – from supplying arms and equipment to post-warranty maintenance, servicing and personnel training, Vladimir Putin noted. Russia is open for joint work and the launch of promising innovative projects.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin at Army-2015
President of Russia Vladimir Putin at Army-2015

The President also expressed confidence that the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre where the Forum is taking place will become a platform for demonstration of the latest arms and equipment. On display today there is a variety of military products, including small arms and armoured tanks, combat robots and control systems.

The President toured the exposition. From an observation platform, he saw the latest samples of military equipment and arms on display outdoors, and then visited a number of pavilions that display, among other things, military uniform, high technology products and army information systems.

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Vladimir Putin also saw the expositions presented by scientific military detachments and had a videoconference with students of universities training military experts.

This supermarket of military hardware offers other countries to see, taste, ride, shoot and buy. Military leaderships of over 70 countries are attending Army-2015

“It is a training center for colleagues who will buy this or that weapons and military equipment, “- said the head of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu during his inaugural comments.

Scientific institutes and enterprises show and tell, what will be the army of tomorrow. Here you can try on the outfit the soldier of the future, called “Warrior”. Concern presents a new Kalashnikov gun and an AK-15.

The simulator – an exact copy of the “Topol-M” missile system is attracting buyers and this is for the first time anyone can feel at the wheel of a tractor carrying ballistic missiles.

The forum professionals will appreciate the microwave gun. The device is able to neutralize the radio electronics drones and precision-guided weapons warheads at a distance of more than ten kilometers. The performance characteristics have no analogues gun.

“The exhibition forum” Rostec “represents 14 holding companies offering innovative types of weapons, such as high-precision systems, placed in an open area of ​​specimens anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes” Pantsir- C1 “antitank missile system” Cornet-AM “is presented here in two versions. wheeled” Tiger “and on the platform of the BTR-8o. The pavilion exhibited to show the fighting compartment” Beach “and military unit” Bakhcha.

Russian portable anti-aircraft missile system “Willow” is also available for According to the technical characteristics of test. The complex is the most effective means of defense wearable in the world “- said General Director of the State Corporation (SC)” Rostec “Chemezov.

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Rehearsals of the most spectacular were a few weeks on the ground in Alabino. Many models of equipment have arrived there right after the May 9 parade on Red Square. There is everything: shooting from the tanks, launching rockets, destroying air targets, overcoming water obstacles, off-road driving.

"ARMY-2015" starts in Moscow

The latest advances in the technologies used in the military sphere, will be exhibited that will promote the development of scientific and technological potential in order to strengthen the defense capability of Russia and will encourage the development of new solutions for the security for other states those can buy military hardware from Russia.
Innovative ideas and achievements in the field of high-tech production will demonstrate state-owned corporations, enterprises of the military-industrial complex, leading research organizations, universities, developers and manufacturers of armaments, military and special equipment, as well as foreign partners.

Russia has a large interest to sell its military hardware  and Army-2015 will act as a showcase for Russian state of the art and innovative new tanks, combat helicopters and Missile system.

According to the Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces Colonel General Sergei Karakaev, the International military and technical forum “Army-2015” will allow to present to the business community world-known samples and the new ones never shown before, which are introduced in the Armed Forces.

"ARMY-2015" forum starts in Moscow

“Strategic Missile Forces as a high-technology branch of arms of the Russian Armed Forces has rich experience of participation in exhibitions of innovative technologies including international ones. However, the Forum will not only demonstrate the power of the national military hardware, but also to look into the future of the missile industry and to assess the innovative breakthroughs in the modern army,” emphasized Sergei Karakaev.

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Within the scientific and business programme of the “Army-2015” forum, the SMF will be represented by: the 4th Central R&D Institute of the Russian MoD, SMF Military Academy named after Peter the Great.

“In the course of round-table discussions, they will consider the issues of creation of the physical protection for strategic missile complexes as well as their recycling,” told the Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces.

According to him, there is an opportunity to cross the strict line of technical design specifications and projects, properly discuss the topics, and shape the plan of future cooperation.

“No doubt, the Forum will boost development of Defence Industry Complex of Russia and Military-Scientific Complex of the Russian Defence Ministry, improving cooperation between them, performing more difficult tasks in order to ensure security of the Russian Federation,” said Sergei Karakaev.

A high powered military delegation from Pakistan headed by Chief of Army Ge. Raheel Sharif is visiting the event.



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