Armenian violence against the Azerbaijanis undermining the negotiations on Karabakh conflict

DND Thought CenterArmenian violence against the Azerbaijanis undermining the negotiations on Karabakh conflict

By Kerim Sultanov

Recently, in various parts of America, Europe, Russia, mass attacks by Armenians against Azerbaijanis have become frequent.


The Armenians, remaining true to their tradition, on the streets, in the parks of European, American, Russian cities, as a rule, crowd attack one or two Azerbaijanis, and do not really care whether this is man or woman and subject them to beatings and insults.

Perhaps the most important thing in these barbaric, dishonorable and inhuman actions of the Armenians is that they do not occur spontaneously, but are sanctioned by the supreme leadership of the Armenian Republic – a country that occupied 20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan, committed genocide of the Azerbaijani Muslim population in the occupied territories and expelled from its native lands 1 million Azerbaijani Muslims.

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan is personally responsible for all these crimes, and secretly gave instructions and orders to representatives of the Armenian diaspora abroad to attack Azerbaijanis. This order is aimed at the implementation of ethnic cleansing by Armenians among Azerbaijanis.

The most egregious cases are attacks by Armenians on Azerbaijanis, purposefully carried out in Los Angeles (USA), London (UK), Chisinau (Moldova), Brussels (Belgium), Moscow (Russia). Attacks on Azerbaijanis were also recorded in Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine, as well as in the Netherlands, Poland and France.

In Los Angeles on July 21, the Armenians organized an action near the Consulate General of Azerbaijan. Shouting aggressive, anti-Azerbaijani slogans, they used force and aggression against our compatriots, began to insult them, tried to drive their cars over the Azerbaijanis who had gathered there to prevent the provocation of the Armenians. Here the Armenians behaved like real cowards, because only 50 Azerbaijanis were attacked by about 1000 Armenians. But the Armenians got in the teeth from the Azerbaijanis.

A few days earlier, on July 17, a similar attack by Armenians on Azerbaijanis was carried out in the London – the capital of Great Britain. The Azerbaijanis, who held a protest action in front of the Armenian Embassy because of the aggressive policy of this country against Azerbaijan, were attacked by the Armenians. As a result of the incident, one citizen of Azerbaijan was injured.

Another similar news came from Brussels last day, where a crowd of about a dozen Armenians in a park attacked one Azerbaijani, subjecting him to beating and insults.

Today in Moscow a crowd of Armenians attacked a seller of Azerbaijani origin, also beating him to the bone.

All these facts testify to the fact that the Armenians living both in Armenia and abroad practice the herd jackal instinct. They are afraid to go one-on-one with Azerbaijanis, as a rule they attack one or two Muslim Azerbaijanis in a crowd. And besides, being afraid of getting from the Azerbaijanis, attacking, they immediately run away.

Similar incidents, which have become more frequent around the world, point to some very important factors.

First, the Armenian side is trying to get away from the negotiation process on the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh issue, continuing to hold 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territories under occupation.

Second, on July 12-15, during the violation of the ceasefire, when an armed incident occurred on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border as a result of provocations from the Armenian side, which led to the deaths of 11 Azerbaijani servicemen, the Armenians suffered a fiasco. Not finding the strength to defeat the Azerbaijanis on the local battlefield, the Armenians took up arms against Azerbaijanis all over the world, thereby taking out their anger on ordinary people.

Note: The author of the article is a leading expert and head of the department for research on the problems of the unresolved Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the international expert club “EurAsiaAz” and freelancer of Azerbaijan news agency Vzglyad.Az.

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