Apple copied PTCL’s tag line “Say Hello To The Future” for iPhone X

The launch of new Apple’s device was due in September as always and Apple revealed their flagship device yesterday “iPhone 8 & iPhone X” in an official event. While addressing the audience, Apple revealed their tagline for their product iPhone X which was “Say Hello to the future”. We would like to inform our users that “Hello To The Future” is a registered tagline of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited aka PTCL.


However, apple tweeted their product video on twitter as well for  “iPhone 8 & iPhone X” with a tagline of “Say Hello To The Future”


Apple was smart enough add one more word in the tagline, which is “Say”. So the only difference between the taglines of PTCL and iPhone X is “Say”. The strange fact is that the Apple’s team didn’t even Google their new products tagline.

So far, there is no official statement released by  PTCL about this conflicted tagline but we have confirmed that the tagline “Hello To The Future” is registered with PTCL’s logo.

The fact is that PTCL is using this tagline for last 7 years.

In a statement issued by PTCL 7 years ago, stated that the company’s new positioning statement illustrates the company’s aim to transform the world of telecommunication and the way its customers communicate. ”Hello to the Future” is a fusion of vision, brand philosophy, brand values and strategy.



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