Apple iPad Pro 2021: Expected Features, Price, and More

Here are the expected features and details of the upcoming Apple iPad Pro 2021!


We are less than 12 hours away from Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event 2021. As rumored, the expected Apple devices to come forward at the event include the Apple iPad Pro 2021. Although Apple always does a great job keeping most of the details secret ahead of the event, today we will share the rumored features and details of the upcoming iPad. Before we begin, it is important to mention that tablet devices are losing popularity across the globe. This is mostly due to more powerful and efficient smartphones taking their place. However, Apple iPad Pro 2021 has some really interesting upgrades to win back the game.

Let’s find out!

Apple iPad Pro 2021 Features

Apple iPad Pro 2021


The typical iPad display configuration follows two display sizes – 11-inch and 12.9-inch. While this may be valid, the upcoming iPad Pro is expected to have smaller bezels. If we talk about the display, Apple is most likely shifting from Liquid Retina Displays to a mini LED display in iPad Pro 2021. However, the new LED display may only be added to the 12.9″ iPad Pro device. The 11″ device will return with the same old display.


The new iPad Pro may get the extremely powerful Apple chipset A14X Bionic. Previously, Apple introduced the A14 Bionic chip in iPhone 12. Undoubtedly, the chipset proved to be Apple’s most powerful chipset to date. The rumors speak that the iPad Pro 2021 will feature a more powerful version of the same chipset named A14X Bionic.

Apple iPad Pro 2021

Additional Features

The new Apple iPad Pro 2021 is expected to replace the standard USB Type-C charging port with Thunderbolt charging technology. Apple has used similar technology (Thunderbolt 3) for its computers including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini.

Thunderbolt technology is a multipurpose power and data transfer technology developed by Intel. Not only it is more efficient in charging the device, but it also offers high data transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps.

iPad Pro Price

There is no word as of yet regarding the price of the iPad Pro 2021. While this may be true, the new device comes with several upgrades in performance, connectivity, and design blocks. Keeping this in view, we may observe a significant price jump from Apple for the upcoming iPad devices.

If you want to know the price details and official features, stay tuned as we update the highlights from Apple’s launch event a few hours away.


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