Apple iMac 2021 Official Features Highlights, Release Date, And Price

Apple iMac 2021 official release date, price, and features information for all the waiting fans.


The “Spring Loaded” Apple event held a few days back revealed some exciting surprises. The company has come forward with a number of additions to its pool. The highlights include iPad Pro 2021, iMac 2021, and AirTags. We have already shared the details of the iPad Pro. This time, we are here to have a look at the official features, release date information, and price details of none other than the new Apple iMac 2021. So, what makes this all-in-one PC so exciting? Let’s dig deep and find out!

Apple iMac 2021

Apple iMac 2021


The company has worked on both, the looks and the hardware part of iMac 2021. While this may be true, the powerful computer has observed great changes in the performance sector. Apple has used its own M1 chip this time to replace the Intel Comet Lake processors used in the previous version.

Apple iMac 2021

The addition of M1 to iMac is a great step for several reasons. Firstly, if you want to use heavy software like Final Cut Pro, the M1 chip will make your experience fast and full of ease. Secondly, an increasing number of Mac apps will be compatible with this chipset. These factors add to the overall improved performance of the latest iMac.


In this department, Apple has played really intelligent. The new iMac is a lot thinner than the previously launched versions. Now, you can find your very own iMac 2021 with a total thickness of just 11.5mm. Impressive isn’t it?

Coming to the display size, Apple has somehow managed to increase the display size from 21.5 inches to 24 inches while reducing the overall size of the computer.

While the above-mentioned details stand true, users may miss the optional nano-texture glass finish in the new iMac. It enabled the display to prevent any glare and reflections from showing on to the screen. Sadly, this feature is not available in the newly launched version.


The new iMac comes in seven color options, and the Magic Keyboard and Mouse also match the new colors of the computer.

Pre-Order and Release Date

The pre-orders for iMac 2021 are starting from April 30. However, the new iMac 2021 will be coming into the market in the latter half of May.

Price of iMac 2021

The price bracket for the new iMac starts from $1,299 and goes to $1,499.

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