Apartments vs a House – Which Is Better for you?

BlogsApartments vs a House – Which Is Better for you?

Apartment vs homes – a debate that is as old as time. When buying a house, you are presented with several options, with Each option having certain pros and cons, and there is no correct answer. This debate is relative to your style of living, and the final decision should be tailored to your current and future living situation.

There are numerous things to consider when choosing between an apartment or a house, but listed down are some of the more essential things that you might want to consider to ensure you make the right choice.

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Analysing Different Factors

There are several factors to consider when choosing between a house or an apartment, so we’ve curated an analysis of different factors to help make an informed decision. These factors are listed as follows.

Living space
Living Space

A house gives you access to a larger living space, resulting in higher maintenance costs and electric bills. A house is better suited for a growing family as it gives you more room and the option to renovate.

It allows for a lawn that your kids can play in and the option to add more stuff like a pool in the future.

On the flip side, the upkeep of a larger house can sometimes be challenging to manage, so invest wisely.


Apartments and houses have different types of amenities that they offer. Some apartment complexes offer swimming pools, fitness centres, and much more. Apartment complexes that offer these amenities are often expensive.

On the other hand, houses offer driveways, backyards, and enough space to let your creativity shine through. You can build a basement and convert it into a theatre or a game room, and you can make a swimming pool or a botanical garden in your backyard.

It all comes down to your budget, as some apartments claim to offer better amenities than houses, yet these amenities commonly turn out to be just an elevator ride. Houses, on the other hand, offer their fair share of amenities which are only limited by the amount you’re willing to spend.


The price is usually one of the main factors in deciding whether you should get an apartment or a house. While it is true that some apartments cost more than some houses, generally, apartments are a cheaper option compared to houses.

It is also easier to change your mind when it comes to apartments because they come with shorter lease periods. A house is more difficult to get out of if you’re stuck paying a mortgage. Apartments also sell quicker if you own them.


It’s no secret that houses offer more privacy when compared to apartments, since you share an apartment building with several other members. There are nosy neighbours, and since they are now just a few inches away, privacy is sometimes hard to get in an apartment.

A house offers much more privacy and space for you to host parties without many problems. Activities in your background can be arranged without much fuss. You can erect higher walls if your community allows it for extra added privacy.

Some apartments are soundproof, but these are top-of-the-line expensive apartments. Most of the time, apartments are not insulated from noise, and hosting parties and gatherings can be a pain if you have problematic neighbours. Some apartment complexes don’t allow you to have pets either, limiting your freedom.


Apartments are generally more secure as they are a gated community with 24/7 security. They have CCTV surveillance and controlled entry to prevent intruders from breaking in.

surprise visitors such as that one uncle who shows up uninvited every year.

However, in houses that have boundary walls, intruders and animals can bypass them due to a lack of security. If you plan on upgrading the security of your house, it can cost a lot of money. Houses also exist in gated communities, but their prices are sky-high.

Sometimes, to secure a house, you’ll need to hire a security guard who will occupy space on your property and increase your costs. A cheap house in a bad neighbourhood is much worse than a smaller apartment in a gated community because security offers you peace of mind unlike anything else.

There are many things to consider when buying a house, and while there is no definitive answer, the factors above should offer you a solid starting point to base your decision on. You should also consider other factors and research thoroughly before deciding which of the aforementioned choices are better suited for you.

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