Another calculated campaign against Armed Forces leadership has been launched

Another calculated campaign against Armed Forces leadership has been launched

Islamabad, Pakistan: A new calculated move has been launched to defame military leadership through foreign cronies sitting abroad. This time, the spectrum of propaganda is larger than previous campaigns as now all three armed forces of the Pakistan are under attack.

Information coming from abroad suggests that Wajahat Saeed Khan who had exceptional access to armed force circles and installations in the past is not playing alone after his recent meeting with fugitive Altaf Hussain and his latest vlog is a bunch of lies woven to hit Military, and Air Force, and Navy of Pakistan while two more fugitives Mehdi and Adil Raja, a duo who had been flag-bearer of anti-democracy and anti-parliamentarian are writing fairytales about differences in General Headquarters Rawalpindi (GHQ). Wajahat Khan’s latest vlog was with Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, another personality residing in the United Kingdom who had been quite vocal against the Pakistan Army and wrote a controversial book and several papers blaming the Pakistan Army for abuse of power for raising Askari businesses.


Adil Raja living in the United Kingdom is scot-free and has the right to plan against the Pakistan Army and enjoys the pleasure of being an asset of certain elements within Europe and that is a possible reason he is free to abuse Pakistani institutions even after his irrefutable involvement in May 9 Mutiny in Pakistan. While sitting on his computer through his live vlog he had been passing instructions to PTI followers on May 8 and May 9 to attack so and so military installation while Haidar Mahdi was doing the same through his vlogs. Two more characters, former journalist Sabir Shakar is doing the same hateful propaganda against the sitting leadership of the Pakistan Army from London, and Moeed Pirzada is busy meeting US political circles and US establishments. Some sources claim that he is requesting Americans for his hiring in US Think Tanks. Abusing Pakistan in his vlogs and writing papers for anti-Pakistan and pro-Israel circles of US politicians is a part-time job. Another common factor is that all of them are staunch followers of former prime minister Imran Khan except Dr Saddiqa.

Strangely all characters mentioned above had been “preferred persons” if not important assets of Pakistan’s military in the past. People in Rawalpindi-Islamabad still remember the security of Moeed Pirzada had been manned by sensitive agencies because he was one of the most important persons in the military establishment. It is interesting to remember that Dr Ayesha Siddiqa had also access to sensitive documents, military personalities, and places when she was busy with her studies. However, the status enjoyed by Wahajat Khan and Moeed Pirzada from military circles was exceptional and unmatchable and the story of the release of Moeed Pirzada from UAE authorities could be used as a script for any blockbuster fictional novel if not a movie. The similarities among all who have launched the latest ambush on military leadership include that all have contacts in the West before engaging themselves with the Pakistan Army, all had opportunities to travel to the United States, United Kingdom, and other Western countries and all are now connected with western organizations, Think Tanks, institutes as freelance/fulltime or half-time employees or analysts.

A senior journalist from Lahore raised several questions in his recent vlog about characters like Shaheen Sabahi (a former journalist and close friend of late Gen Musharraf living in the United States), Wahajat Khan, Moeed Pirzada, Haidar Mahdi, Adil Raja, and Dr Ayesha Siddiqa. Sajjad believed the new anti-military campaign has some links with certain circles working against the sitting leadership of COAS in Pakistan. When contacted by the DND News Agency, Sajjad Anwer added that Wahajat Khan, Moeed Pirzada, Haidar Mahdi, Adil Raja, and Sabir Shakar must have been in contact with some people in Pakistan within the establishment circles and Pakistani institutions have never investigated the factors (except Sabir Shakar) no one from the list of fugitives was ever journalists or had any background of journalism and why and who made them famous journalists and popular vloggers and who provided them exclusive information for making their vlogs exclusive and popular?

Sajjad Anwer who had been in journalism since the early 90s called Wahajat Khan, Moeed Pirzada, Haidar Mahdi, Adil Raja, and Sabir Shakar as people of dubious characters, asked several pertinent questions about the rise of these people within years. He feared that the networking of some former retired officials of the Pakistan army who had been against the appointment of Gen Asim Munir as COAS is still intact and could harm the country shortly.  Sajjad claimed that May 9 Part II is being planned and it must be countered immediately before it is too late.

The most important question raised by Sajjad Anwer was whether “is it a campaign only by the PTI remains or PTI has gotten fresh support from several anti-Pakistan elements collectively and old guards of the military establishment such as Wahajat Khan, Moeed Pirzada, Haidar Mahdi, Adil Raja, and Sabir Shakar are just forerunners while designers are still behind the curtain? —A puppet show goes on??

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