An Overseas Pakistanis Guide for Investing in Pakistan Real Estate

BlogsAn Overseas Pakistanis Guide for Investing in Pakistan Real Estate

Pakistan’s real estate sector is incredibly popular and famous because of the best opportunity for investment because of its upward rising trend and attractive returns for both local and foreign investors. There are many Real Estate Companies in Pakistan but FAM Marketing is one of the best ones.

FAM Marketing Online Private Limited is a well-known Real Estate marketing company in Pakistan that has been providing top-quality service for the last 18 years. They are a real estate agent in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore that can provide you with accurate information on residential and commercial properties, luxury flats, stores, and corporate offices. You will always find them around the corner, ready to assist you with updated information and honest advice, thanks to their wide understanding of the Islamabad and Lahore real estate markets. There are many projects overseas Pakistanis can invest in like Park View City Lahore and Islamabad, PIAEWT, Discovery Gardens, and many more.

Investment tips for Overseas Pakistanis

Few basic investment tips for overseas Pakistanis


Where to Invest?

When you have a good investment opportunity and a large amount of money, you can simply invest in it for greater returns and private developers. Real estate developments are accessible in Pakistan’s main cities, including Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, and they are incredibly appealing, profitable, and dependable. Park View City Lahore is a great project to invest in. They have an overseas block which is so beneficial.

Check Track Record


If the developer or builder is a well-known name in the real estate sector with a record of accomplishment of successful home developments, you may trust them blindly. Fam Marketing Online is a trustworthy company. They have all completed large-scale residential projects. You can put your money into the numerous home options they provide. You might base your judgment on how well and swiftly they work on an ongoing project; this will help you assess whether they will produce on schedule or not.

Beware of Fraudulent Practices and Scams

Here is a check-list to consider before buying property:

Approved layout plans/building plans

Potential purchasers might examine a plan or design for a project that is credible. The necessary government agencies must approve all these layout proposals.

A historical record of property’s ownership

You must demand confirmation of the developer’s history of the property being sold. Official records of current and prior projects will be kept by all genuine developers.

Purchase Process for Overseas Pakistanis:

Investing in Pakistan’s real estate sector takes considerable research, documentation, and patience. Due to a shortage of internet data, the government implemented a different set of guidelines for overseas Pakistanis.

Property Purchase Requirements in Pakistan:

  • Copy of your passport
  • NICOP copy
  • Six photos the size of passports
  • Copy of Pakistan’s departure stamp
  • Copy of the living foreign country’s entrance stamp
  • Make a list of your immediate family members and take passport-size photos of each.

Before continuing with any property choice, all these documents must be certified, and a down payment is also necessary.

Fam Marketing online provides all these things. They have amazing ventures to invest in such as Park View City Lahore/ Islamabad, Discovery Gardens, and many more.


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