Amid new visa regime, PTDC leaves tourists clueless about Pakistan tourism

Mati Ullah Khan

Under Naya Pakistan (New Pakistan), a new leadership led by Prime Minister Imran Khan hasn’t yet let the excitement get faded, it arose nationwide after they took over the realm inculcating new hopes among messes.

Imran Khan, once a Cricking Superstar, has undoubtedly been leaving no stone unturned on its part to bring systematic change in Pakistan.

Acknowledging Imran Khan’s unflinching resolve and endeavors to streamline the tainted system, more than half of Pakistanis have voiced their satisfaction over his government’s performance, as per the new poll conducted by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan.

Just a day, the federal government unveiled a new visa regime, removing impediments and encouraging foreigners to tour Pakistan.

Under the major visa initiative, 175 countries have been extended the facility of E-Visa whilst the citizens of 50 countries will be given visas on arrival.

Certainly the new visa policy aims at to facilitate foreign tourists as well as businessmen to land in Pakistan without much inconvenience as an influx of foreigners would eventually help the country boost its tourism and revolutionize the economy.

But unfortunately everything doesn’t seem to be in the straight line as one would have expected after such hallmark initiatives.

For instance, if a foreigner having tempted to visit Pakistan by new visa regime go through the website of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) – National Tourist Organisations (NTO) with primary objective to promote and develop tourism in Pakistan – he/she finds its Home Page “Under Construction”.Amid new visa regime, PTDC leaves tourists clueless about Pakistan tourism

However, if an internet surfer from across the border visits the official website of Foreign Office of Pakistan, he/she ends up with being oblivious and unserved. Because as he/she clicks the text “Sights & Sounds” written under the title “Visit Pakistan”, it takes him/her directly to PTDC’s Page “About Pakistan”.

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Unfortunately, PTDC’s Page “About Pakistan” also misinforms the viewers with titling Mamnoon Hussain and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi as incumbent President and Prime Minister of Pakistan respectively.