American Gulf School: Nurturing Leaders for the 21st Century

UAEAmerican Gulf School: Nurturing Leaders for the 21st Century

American Gulf School: Nurturing Leaders for the 21st Century

As parents, choosing the right school for our children is a decision that shapes their future. Let’s explore a school that has redefined educational standards in the UAE – the American Gulf School – Sharjah (AGS). This institution beautifully harmonizes American Common Core, Next Generation Sciences, and the Ministry of Education standards, offering students an enriched learning experience. AGS’s motto, “Aspire, Grow, Succeed,” perfectly encapsulates its mission to develop children into confident, well-rounded global citizens.



I. Introduction

II. The Distinctive Curriculum

III. Safety and Well-being

IV. Learning Environment

V. Leadership and School Information

VI. FAQ Section

VII. Conclusion

The Distinctive Curriculum

American Gulf School

AGS has adopted a dynamic, project-based curriculum that focuses on learner-centred education. The curriculum is well-rounded and tailored to suit a spectrum of learners from Pre-K to Grade 12. Its framework encourages critical thinking, blending in-depth academic knowledge with comprehensive skills. The curriculum allows learners to make authentic connections between theories and apply this knowledge in unfamiliar real-life situations.

Furthermore, incorporating the STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) model, coupled with Media, Fabrication, and Design Labs, gives learners a hands-on experience. This innovative blend deepens learners’ academic understanding and promotes creativity, preparing them for success in the 21st century.

American Gulf School

Safety and Well-being

AGS makes no compromise when it comes to safety. The school has stringent policies for health and safety, ensuring all staff members are aware of child protection measures. A full-time nurse in the well-equipped school clinic is available on-site to provide medical care when required. Regular inspections and risk assessments ensure that facilities are in safe working order. The school’s commitment to students’ safety underlines its dedication to providing a conducive learning environment.

Learning Environment

American Gulf School

The ambience at AGS promotes an ethos of intercultural understanding and respect. This international learning environment nurtures academic excellence through engaging, fun, stimulating lessons encompassing the school’s core values. Learners here are encouraged to be principled, reflective, open-minded, risk-takers, caring, balanced, knowledgeable inquirers, communicators, and thinkers.

Leadership and School Information

AGS is helmed by the dedicated and visionary Principal, Mr. James Lynch. The annual fees range between AED 34,940 – 74,840, commensurate with the school’s premium facilities and high-quality education. AGS champions co-education, allowing children from Pre-K to Grade 12 to learn together, fostering an atmosphere of equality and mutual respect.

FAQ Section

What is the curriculum used in American Gulf School – Sharjah?

AGS blends American Common Core, Next Generation Sciences, and Ministry of Education standards.

How does the school ensure the safety of its learners?

AGS has robust safety measures, including on-site medical facilities, daily inspections, risk assessments, and staff trained in child protection.

What are the fees for enrolling in the American Gulf School – Sharjah?

The annual fees range between AED 34,940 – 74,840.

What grade levels does the school offer?

AGS offers classes from Pre-K to Grade 12.


Choosing American Gulf School – Sharjah is entrusting your child’s future to an institution that promises academic excellence and personal growth. With its dynamic curriculum, safe environment, and inclusive ethos, AGS truly nurtures learners to become future leaders. As parents, we can rest assured knowing our children are in capable hands at AGS, where they will aspire, grow, and succeed.

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