Amazon BLINK XT ONE CAMERA REVIEW For European Users 2020

TechnologyAmazon BLINK XT ONE CAMERA REVIEW For European Users 2020


Here, we would be sharing our Blink XT One Review with you. The Amazon company Blink Camera offers a completely safe, low-maintenance, low-cost and wireless home security experience. All you have to do is to pop in a few batteries and it will look after your home for two years. There is a lot more to this camera and what it offers. Let’s discuss that in-depth today.

Blink Xt one Camera unboxing


PROS of Blink XT One Camera

  • Integration with Amazon Alexa
  • No contracts required
  • Low fee for monthly premium home security plans
  • Affordable hardware pricing
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation

CONS Blink XT One Camera

  • Lack of advanced security features
  • Lack of extensive hardware options
  • Expensive hardware for large homes
  • Technical expertise required for home automation integration
  • Blink XT One


Now that the pros and cons are in front of you, let’s review the key specifications and features of Blink XT One Camera in the light of what’s to like and what’s not worth it.

Reasons to But Blink XT One Camera

Simple Camera With Simple Set-Up

The Blink XT is a simple camera with supremely simple packaging, appearance and set up. It comes along with the camera, a cloud storage hub called Sync Module, a power adapter, two AA lithium batteries, and a USB cable.

This camera is three by three inches, is lightweight and has a resolution of 720p. It works with the Blink app for both iOS and Android. Download the app, name your camera and then track all you want. It is as simple as that. The app is super easy to use too. The hardware can also be easily mounted and positioned anywhere you want.

Motion Detection

As previously mentioned, if you are in for basic features this camera is the best. Moreover, it has motion detection which works pretty well. You will be notified right away of whatever motion is happening. There can be a delay sometimes, but the maximum time required is 15 seconds. If it is away from the view a bit, it still works. All the recordings are called ‘Motion Clips’ and can be viewed through the app.

Battery Operated

Let’s just consider this the best part about the Blink XT Camera. It is battery-operated and uses AA Lithium batteries to run. No expensive batteries required. Cherry on top, they can run for two years straight without requiring a change.


This is just what you want with your camera. The waterproof function allows you to mount the camera wherever you want. Rains and thunders won’t be a problem as it will keep on functioning the way it works.

Blink Xt One Amazon


Resolution Quality

This is among the things you might not like about this camera. It does not have a crystal clear resolution and image. The night video does not have a lot of clarity. In this area, it might leave a lot to desire.

Cannot Move Through The App

Blink XT One Camera app allows a lot of features, but you cannot control the functions like moving, panning and tilting the camera through the app. You cannot zoom in through it as well. If you want to zoom and see something across the street, you will have to manually point the camera at that direction to see. And this is something, none of us want to do with their camera. 


The Blink XT One Camera comes with a 30-day refund warranty and a one-year limited guarantee. This wireless, lightweight camera is best for all those who want basic security without going too heavy on their pocket. It gives free storage, so that’s a huge plus in the price you are paying. So we hope that our Blink XT One Camera Review helped you in making your decision.

If you wish to buy this Camera, Click here to visit Amazon and buy this amazing camera asap.

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