Alleged Coronavirus Patient Cough at Police Officer in UK

The repercussions of the fast-spreading deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic are multi-pronged as not only it has already caused thousands of lives and brought the global life to a standstill but it has also left a huge impact on individuals’ life.


If thousands of people worldwide have lost their lives or remain battling with the infectious disease, simultaneously millions of people have deprived of their jobs and even many have been subjected to starvation, turning them frustrated and prompting them to resort to mischievous act.

The 55-year-old Adam Lewis, an employed person who though had earlier been imprisoned as well on criminal charges such as theft and assault, tempted by his rebellious instinct which was apparently further fueled by the virus outbreak coughed at a Police Constable in London.

Lewis also intimidated the policeman when he said that he was the virus carrier.

The Police Constable PC Lamptey said that he was on patrolling duty in Mayfair area when he stopped Adam Lewis who with a bottle of wine in his hand was staggering while walking last Tuesday. But as he stopped him Adam Lewis coughed at him and claimed to have been infected with the COVID-19.

Eventually, Lewis was arrested and produced before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court wherein it was told that the offender didn’t have any Coronavirus Symptoms.

The Court awarded him the six-month imprisonment.

It’s worth noting that so far nearly 30,000 Coronavirus Cases have been detected in the United Kingdom while 2,352 people have died of the disease.

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