Alipay Pakistan – Does Alipay Work in Pakistan?

GeneralAlipay Pakistan - Does Alipay Work in Pakistan?

Find out does Alipay Work in Pakistan or not.


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Does Alipay work in Pakistan?


Online shopping trend has increased all over Pakistan where local as well as international online marketplaces are delivering products to people’s doorsteps. For the smooth functioning of the marketplaces, there are several e-wallets that support e-commerce worldwide. Paypal became the first e-wallet with worldwide coverage. However, China brought its equivalent to the market with Alipay. So, does Alipay work in Pakistan? Find it out later in the article.

What is Alipay?

Does Alipay work in Pakistan?

Alipay is an e-wallet that is a Chinese equivalent to Paypal worldwide. It has become a popular payment option in the Asia region as a result of the venture of Alibaba Group. It supports several Asia Pacific (APAC) countries and their currencies. It is third-party mobile and online payment platform which makes e-commerce easier. It can easily be used through a mobile app that allows users to pay according to their currency.

How does it work?

Does Alipay work in Pakistan?

Alipay allows users to create an account and link their bank accounts, credit cards or other payment options to their Alipay account. It is easy to use as the users can make payments by scanning QR codes or simply entering the payment details. It works as a digital wallet. the app is available in various languages so users can easily use it and make fast and secure payments.

Does Alipay Work in Pakistan?

Alipay is a Chinese e-wallet that operates in several APAC countries like Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam. It also operates in other Western countries as well like the US, France, UK, Russia, Canada, etc. So, does Alipay work in Pakistan?

Alipay Pakistan is under development as a recent collaboration occurred between the Pakistani government and Alibaba to bring Alipay to Pakistan. Recently Prime Minister of Pakistan sign a collaboration with MoU with the e-commerce platform Alibaba. Therefore, keeping the cordial relationship between Pakistan and China, the arrival of Alipay Pakistan is expected soon.

To check if Alipay works in Pakistan, you can download the app and sign up. If your region and currency are available on the app, it works in your country otherwise not.


Does Alipay work in Pakistan?

Collaborative efforts of the Pakistani government and Alibaba make the arrival expected soon.

Is Alipay better than Paypal?

Alipay is a better option if you are dealing in the Chinese market as it is popular and convenient in the APAC region. However, Paypal is a worldwide e-wallet for digital payments.

How much does Alipay charge?

Alipay charges the least merchant fee of only 0.55% so it is useful for buyers as well as merchants.

Is Alipay safe?

Yes, Alipay is a safe, secure, and convenient mode of payment as the merchant does not receive your credit card or bank details but the details of your Alipay account.


Alipay doe snot currently works in Pakistan. However, collaborative efforts between the government and Alibaba have been going on. Keeping the relationship between China and Pakistan in mind, it is expected that Alipay will not fail to arrive in our country soon. As a result of this development, a large number of buyers and merchants can make use of digital e-commerce platforms.

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