Air crash of Boeing-737 in Russia: See video of crash and read Preliminary report


Moscow: The Boeing-737 flight number 363 of Tatarstan Airlines that crashed at Kazan airport Russia lost its speed before taking second circle before landing, resulting nosedive crash, claims preliminary report released by Civil aviation authorities of Russia, reports Dispatch News desk (DND).

Report indicates Boeing-737 with Registration#VQ-BBN that had its first fight on June 18, 1990 was in perfect technical conditions and had full checking in year 2012.

See video of nosedive crash of Boeing 737 follow:


Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee that is doing investigation of this crash on the direction of President Putin says that apparently the plane lost much of its speed and stalled in air and had nosedive seen on video footage taken by security cameras on the ground.

It has been estimated that after reducing speed to 230 kilometers an hour, the crew began transiting the plane into a dive “which led to the termination of the climb, the start of landing and the growth of the indicated speed,” the committee said.

“The Boeing-737 that crashed in Kazan, killing all 50 onboard, went into a nosedive after losing speed at low altitude”, Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee citing preliminary data from one of the plane’s parametric flight recorder discovered at the crash site.

According to investigators, the plane crashed at a speed of more than 450 kilometers an hour, about 20 seconds after pilots reported going on the second circle, known by the technical abbreviation TOGA (Take Off/Go Around).

“While landing, the crew failed to follow the standard set. Considering the status as not landing, the crew began to drift to the second circle in the mode of Toga (Take Off / Go Around),” the Interstate Aviation Committee said in a statement.

Authorities of Kazan airport that had seen crash were of the view that “Not everything went smoothly” for pilot . There were technical difficulties minutes before the crash, just before the second landing attempt,” they claim.

Authorities maintained that findings/results are preliminary and would not comment on the nature of the problems. The probe is complicated by the absence of the recording capsule from the voice flight recorder, which apparently was destroyed when the powerful impact and explosion damaged the device. There is hope that the tape may be found among the fragments of the aircraft scattered across the airfield, rather than being obliterated.

Meanwhile the head of the airline admitted that the pilot may have lacked experience. When asked whether that captain had previously performed a go-around maneuver, Aksan Giniyatullin, head of Tatarstan airlines, replied “No, I believe not.”

The Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737 crashed Sunday evening as it was trying to land in Kazan, the capital of Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, after a 500-mile flight from Moscow. There were 44 passengers and six crew members on board.

Among the victims were Irek Minnikhanov, son of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov
Among the victims were Irek Minnikhanov, son of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov


Among the victims were Irek Minnikhanov, son of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov. It was a domestic flight and Boring 737 flew from Moskva-Domodedovo Airport  at 18:20 local time while its Destination airport was Kazan Airport, Russia. This accident is being considered as 3rd worst accident of Boeing 737 among 7 total accidents.







List of victims with their date of births are hereunder:


Surname Name Date of birth
Akulinina Natalia 21.06.1987
Antonov Alexander 01.01.1957
Artashina Daria 07.09.2000
Ahmetshina Alia 23.07.1990
Baranova Jana 15.08.1987
Bull Donna Carolina 02/14/1960
Burdin Yuri 25.12.1967
Veprentsev Denis 02.10.1984
Hajiyev Diana 10.05.1955
Guzhiev Rustam 02/27/1982
Drantusova Natalia 04.05.1971
Zaripov Venus 07.09.1988
Zaripov Albina 21.01.1980
Zgurskaya Victoria 08/30/1969
Ivashkevich Irene 20.09.1979
Kamashev Mstislav 15.10.1986
Kashapova Alina 27.06.1998
Knyazev Eugene 07/02/1955
Kuznetsova Helena 11.06.1971
Kucherov Anna 18.04.1990
Lyashin Yuri 12.04.1976
Makarov Gennady 31/10/1965
Mangusheva Tatiana 09/17/1949
Minnihanov Irek 04.03.1989
Morozova Olga 08.02.1960
Muzichuk Dmitry 30.05.1986
Nazirs Ruslan 17.09.1973
Oschurkova Margaret 06/22/1958
Parkhomenko Novel 20.02.1986
Prokofiev Paul 15.01.1974
Rashitova Gulnara 15.07.1991
Sadrutdinov Ayrat 16.02.1984
Safin Damask 05/24/1986
Safiullin Diana 09.10.1989
Sibgatullin Abdullah 20/12/1926
Sibgatullina Maria 01/13/1926
Skvortsov Ellina 08.06.1976
Smolentsev Nicholas 04/19/1964
Smolentceva Helena 05/29/1966
Sterkhova Anastasia 23.01.1990
Fazleeva Mignonette 07/12/1959
Khafizova Alina 10.09.1987
Shchukin Victoria 01.10.1977
Yankilyaykis Alexander 03.02.1977



Surname Name Patronymic Date of birth Position
Salihov Rustem  Gabdrahmanovich  11.06.1966   KBC
Gutsul Victor Nikiforovich 12/06/1966   Co-pilot
Zarifullina  Nuria Dafiyatovna 10/30/1957   The senior flight attendant
Garifullina  Inga Rafailevna 06.02.1971   Flight attendant
Kabanov Olga Stanislavovna 22.04.1988   Flight attendant
Hajdarov Damir Fardatovich 20/09/1987   Bortprovodni



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