Aima Baig Officially Joins TikTok

Celebrities from all over the world have been joining TikTok. The stunning and well-known singer Aima Baig has been immensely popular since 2016 and has recently joined TikTok. Aima’s now has a verified account on the best video-sharing platform.


Aima Baig has managed to get millions of views with her outstanding songs. Her songs are played everywhere at parties, weddings, and restaurants.

According to Spotify, she was the top local female artist in Pakistan and was titled among ‘Queens of Pakistani Music”.

The award-winning best female singer of Pakistan has shared a teaser of her upcoming HBL PSL Anthem, sponsored by TikTok. The anthem will be sung by Aima and Atif Aslam. Her voice in the anthem will encourage feelings of celebration, happiness, and excitement for passionate fans of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Aima impressed everyone with her incredible voice in last year’s PSL Anthem, it raised the levels of motivation among fans. This year it is expected to be even more energizing and enlightening even more for the fans.

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