After Nuland, its Lu’s moment of truth reconciliation: US Congress has summoned a session on project Imran’s Failure

DND Thought CenterAfter Nuland, its Lu's moment of truth reconciliation: US Congress has summoned...

By Shazia Anwer Cheema

While reading this piece till its middle portion, one can feel that it is too Ukrainian-centric than Pakistan. It is partially true because Pakistan is exceptionally important for Western powers as Ukraine is. Kyiv was placed as a Western proxy against Russia while the West is trying to pitch Pakistan against its other rival China.


No doubt Western powers had slight success during Imran Khan’s regime when all important projects linked with China’s easiest cargo access to the Arabian Sea via China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) were halted, west became overexcited and found the best man for the best job who was Imran Khan. However, General Elections 2024 has virtually diminished the possibilities of pitching Pakistan against China as major political parties that now rule Pakistan’s parliamentary system and governments are those who had a long history of being pro-China. Pakistan People’s Party (PPPP) had a history of over half a century of working closely with China while Gwadar port—the hub of CPEC was offered to China by former President Asif Ali Zardari who has again assumed charge as the new President of Pakistan. Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) had always been close to China and gulf countries and “Shehbaz speed” is a diction being used in China due to his excellent and swift work on Chinese projects when he was Chief Minister of Punjab.

This piece should be read with references mentioning significant factors to understand global perspectives on why Pakistan is getting similar importance that the West is giving to Ukraine.
The Elite Club of Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals commonly known as US Congress is in panic due to the stale US Foreign Policy. The reality check of the Ukraine War is amplifying the panic that resulted in putting Victoria Nuland the mastermind of the Ukraine conflict out of the scene leaving the question of whether she jumped out or was pushed out.

The unimaginable loss of Western military hardware and humiliating forthcoming defeat by Russia in the Ukraine conflict was never calculated realistically under the guidance of Victoria Nuland. US President Joe Biden’s State of the Union angry, grumpy, and agitated address is being heavily criticized although he was reading from the prompter whatever was given to him by the deep state.

The Russophobia and Genocide Friendliness were the major highlights of that address. The reaffirmation that the US will not back down and ultimately destroy Russia in the Ukraine War and there is no red line in the Israeli genocide of Palestinians was flavored by the rudeness and agitation of a sullen old man who is stuck eye deep in this US deep state mess.
Oceans across in UK George Galloway slayed the two mainstream British political parties in Rochdale by-elections, forcing PM Rishi Sunak to have an emergency press conference on the doorsteps of 10 Downing Street. The Crux of that was sheer panic and fear which was then articulated by antisemitism, and the provocation of terrorism via peaceful pro-Palestine protests, and how few politicians are cashing into the hate and discrimination which must be curbed by strict policing in the first place. I was not the only exception, Rishi Sunak did not make sense to anyone, so leaving the jaw-opened folk to figure out what he was trying to say.
The US continuously supplies arms to Israel to commit genocide and also keeps its rhetorical support for Palestinians, the general public in the West despises the hypocrisy, and their dismay is playing a major role in a shift in domestic politics. West is in panic which can be mirrored in the sudden departure of Victoria Nuland.

Those who are following Project Imran Khan and the doctrine of Donald Lu for the region can easily decipher that the US Congress has decided to deliberate on yet another Neo-Liberal Capitalist failure

Victoria Nuland the infamously known as cookie monster (for distributing snacks in Maidan Euro during the 2014 Ukraine coup) the architecture of the Russia-West conflict initiated by a coup-de-tard in 2014 by toppling the pro-Russian elected government and bringing her man Poroshenko to do US’s bidding, which he did but lost elections to President Zelensky who kept the tradition of his predecessor by following what west is asking him to do so. Before Nuland’s unannounced disappearance from the scene, an effort was being made to fund the Zelensky show with 62 billion USD and the bill was and still is under discussion in Congress. John Bass who has replaced Nuland is none other than the mastermind of US Forces withdrawal from Afghanistan, the appointment itself speaks volumes about the plans of the US for Ukraine.
Experts think that the US fixating its focus on the Indo-Pacific, including China and Iran as its future war ventures to continuously feed its war economy. The Western think tanks extensively publish research papers giving so-called substantiated data to assure the general public that a war with China is viable and can be won, article after article deals with the subject of China under the similar perspective of war with China and also an achievable goal-oriented war on China. All those like me who follow them continuously cannot miss such content as a source of my area of interest.
Within a week of the Nuland episode congress announced a deliberation titled; “Pakistan After the Election: Examining the Future of Democracy in Pakistan and the US-Pakistan Relationship” and also summoned Donald Lu Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs to be present in the session announced to be held on 20th Mach 2024.

Those who are following Project Imran Khan and the doctrine of Donald Lu for the region can easily decipher that the US Congress has decided to deliberate on yet another Neo-Liberal Capitalist failure. Still, for those who are following other US deep state failures such as Ukraine and the Middle East, I will eagerly provide background of this drastic failure.
Imran Khan fundamentally a Neo-Liberal and capitalist and conditionally aligned with Western neo-cons was recruited primarily around 2001 for the simple task of sticking to three prescribed ideas 1; Discrediting the Politicians and political parties 2; capitalizing the already existing hatred in the streets for the West in general and US in particular 3; and physical manifestation of Islamic Touch.
Imran Khan long struggling for power agreed immediately and transformed overnight into Salah-u-din Aybi who wants Riasat-e-Madina and despises the West even started articulating his fake hatred by saying “Absolutely not to Western hegemony”. The Pakistani establishment has a long history of westward alignments with an Islamic touch like Afghan Jihad and Western hatred was just for domestic consumption and the primary focus was discrediting the political system of Pakistan which according to the establishment is the biggest roadblock in Pakistan’s progress (which I fully agree and a story to tell at other time).
It is not clear whether Imran Khan while in his making by the then Pakistani establishment signed a parallel deal with the US to do their bidding or he was under the Western wings all along, anyhow it is still a no-go area so being on the safe side I will not go into detail and let the establishment decide when it will be ready to spill the beans. In a nutshell, Imran Khan came into power in the most rigged elections of 2018 and started openly operating against the national interests of Pakistan and the first move of Khan was targeting China and the Middle East. According to my background talks with former and serving diplomats, he was advised multiple times to switch to his given three-point agenda (discrediting the politicians; capitalizing on the already existing hatred in the streets for the West; and physical manifestation of Islamic Touch for his popularity) and leave national security, foreign policy and economy out of the sphere.
I believe that the Pakistani establishment has already figured out Imran Khan’s love affair with America based on two promises; containing China and becoming a proxy whenever asked against Iran. Now here comes the character named Donald Lu, the possible link between Imran Khan and the West.

Donald Lu
Donald Lu

Being the responsible person for managing US interests in the region, Lu might have tried to manage Imran Khan’s success in the General Elections in 2024. First Lu failed to bail out Imran Khan from vote of no confidence and then Khan lost General Elections 2024. Moreover, a covert project of Imran Khan selling Western hate overtly but supporting Western interests clandestinely was exposed ruthlessly. Like Victoria Nuland in Ukraine, Lu is also a failure in this region. Now with the clear signals of Project Ukraine being rapped up, the US Senate is ready to address another failure and summoned Donald Lu to answer how he could not manage to keep Imran Khan in power and why US-defined democracy was not ensured in 2024 Pakistan General Elections. Despite funding billions of dollars, despite all the lobbying and media coverage, and all the resources provided to Imran Khan, he was out of office and left neo-liberal warmongers high and dry. I do not know how Donald Lu is going to defend himself or he too will simply vanish like Nuland leaving us all thinking about whether he was pushed out or jumped.
I believe Nuland and Lu’s failure was that they both underestimated their adversaries. They provided false hopes to the fancy penthouses that the task they had been assigned was achievable. Western planners thought that the Pakistani establishment since ages played a pivotal role in safeguarding Western interests like the Afghan Jihad against the Soviet Union so why not a war against hegemonic China too? Allow me to enlighten West here, that today’s Pakistani establishment holds sacred its foreign policy, national security, and now the economy, and all three are deeply entangled in regional geo-politics, Pakistan cannot afford to become a proxy against Iran and a cold war style base camp against China.
I think instead of discussing Pakistani democracy and the electoral process US Congress should figure out why its very own democracy is clutched by AIPAC, Capitalist donors/neo-colonizers, and Weapon Industries. Pakistan is doing fine and there was nothing Donald Lu could do to ensure “Rule Based Order and True Western Democracy” by installing Imran Khan back in office. The Western definition of true democracy is conditioned by the elected individual being blindly pro-west such as President Zelensky which this time Pakistani establishment decided to pass.


Shazia Anwer Cheema is an author, and analyst and writes articles for national and international media outlets. She did her M.Phil in Cognitive Semiotics from Aarhus University Denmark and is completing her Ph.D. in Semiotics and Philosophy of Communication at Charles University Prague.


The views and opinions expressed in this article/Opinion/Comment are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the DND Thought Center and Dispatch News Desk (DND). Assumptions made within the analysis are not reflective of the position of the DND Thought Center and Dispatch News Desk News

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