After HBL, Meezan Bank is under Cyber Security attack?

Unfortunately, thousands of people fall prey to Ponzi Schemes in Pakistan and ultimately end up in being deprived of a significant amount. Ironically, in the absence of tangible measures to curb such malafide practices at the governmental level, fraudulent activities still continue unabated and naïve people are easily being lured to fall into the trap.

However, sane minds approach the more formal and legal route in their financial matters, believing that their valuables would remain safe and they would carry out transactions promptly and accurately.

Over the years, more and more people have developed trust in the Country’s financial institutions i.e. banks and prefer to deposit a hefty amount in them. Even the incidents of bank robbery have never shattered their trust in the banking system.

But in recent years, the frequent incidents of cyber security breach have certainly raised eyebrows, and people are now deeply concerned about the safety of their deposits.


Just days ago, the Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Customers registered numerous complaints about losing the amount from their accounts, and now the Meezan Bank Limited (MBL) Customers appear to have been facing the same fate.

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Though, unlike the HBL, the Meezan Bank preempted the people’s worries and apprised them of technical issues, the bank was dealing with and which were resulting in enormous inconvenience for the people.


The Meezan Bank didn’t provide further details except seeking apologies for the inconvenience and assuring its Customers that the issues would be resolved soon.

In an announcement on its Facebook Page, the bank wrote, “Dear Customers, Due to technical difficulties you may face issues in some of our services. Our tams are working to resolve the issue and provide you with an uninterrupted banking experience. We regret any inconvenience you may face and thank you for your patience.”

The MBL also sent messages to its Customers which stated, “Dear Customer, Meezan Bank MasterCard services are temporarily unavailable. We will inform you as soon as the services are resumed. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Dear Customer, we are experiencing some technical issues due to which you might face some disruption in our services. If your account is debited for any unsuccessful transaction, it will be reversed in 2 working days. Our team is working round the clock to fix this issue and we thank you for your support and understanding.”

“Dear Customers, due to ongoing technical issue, we are experiencing a very high call volume at our Call Center. During this time, you might have to wait significantly longer to be served. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and assure you that soon our services will get back to normal. Thank you.” 

Meanwhile, many people lodged complaints about the hurdles in online money transfer, deduction of the amount without being received by the end user, and even some grumbled about the unsatisfactory services of the bank.

I transfer an amount to another bank amount is deducted from my account but they dident recieved am worried,” wrote Shaikh Waqas, a Customer.

Another Customer Aali Shan wrote “What a poor service… Even helpline is also not working. I transferred money yesterday to other bank and its still not transferred. ATM also reject the transaction but amount deducted from account. Can someone tell me what’s wrong with your system and why no one is giving ETA and picking call???” 

As above said, not much details have been shared but the Meezan Bank seems to have faced a software error and the occurrence of a cyber attack is unlikely. However, whatever the issue has surfaced, it has caused much worries among the MBL Customers.


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