Afghanistan threatens to attack Pakistani forces

Afghanistan threatens to attack Pakistani forces

KABUL: The Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Khan Muhammadi has said that the country’s forces are ready to take action against Pakistani troops if they do not stop firing rockets on Afghan border villages immediately.

However, the Afghan military forces would wait for an order by the government to retaliate the attacks, the defense minister said.

The warning came as tensions have been on the rise between the two countries in recent months over cross-border attacks.

The Afghan government said that at least six people were killed and around 40 others injured by rockets fired from Pakistani territory in recent days. It said that the attacks were aimed at disrupting the second round of presidential elections due to be held on June 14.

Earlier on Sunday, the Afghan government also warned that it would pull out of the security talks with Islamabad over the alleged cross-border rocket attacks by the Pakistani military.

The Afghan security officials have already said that they will not participate in a regional security summit in Islamabad scheduled for June 4.