Afghanistan Peace Conference in Moscow: Afghan crisis has no military solution

By Varonica Kharakov from Moscow for Dispatch News Desk news agency


Moscow, Pakistan: The first round of Afghanistan Peace Conference concluded here on Friday and participants expressed that Afghan crisis has no military solution.

Participants maintained that peace can (could) be brought to Afghanistan only through political process and dialogue between the Afghan government and fighting Taliban.

Participants also expressed their concern over rise of Daesh in Afghanistan.

Official experts from China, Pakistan, Iran, India, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are attending Afghanistan Peace Conference hosted by Russia.

According to a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry at the end of first day of Conference, experts on Afghanistan expressed concern over the growth of a terrorism threat in Afghanistan.

Statement maintains as:

“In the course of an honest and constructive exchange of views on the state and prospects of military and political situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the parties expressed concern over the growth of terrorism activity, leading to further bloodshed and suffering of the Afghan people”.

Participants assured their support to Afghan government to assist in providing opportunities to Afghanistan.

Participants were of the view that international community should continue supporting Kabul to ensure stability because Afghanistan needs (needed) constant financial support.

It may be mentioned that Taliban refused to attend the conference at last minute and Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid said on Thursday night that they are not attending the conference.

“We cannot call these negotiations as a dialogue for the restoration of peace in Afghanistan”, said Zabiullah Mujahid while talking to US media on Thursday night.

Meanwhile, US also refused to attend the Peace Conference and called it “unilateral Russian attempt to assert influence in the region”.

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner commented on Peace Conference and said :

“It seemed to be a unilateral Russian attempt to assert influence in the region that we felt wasn’t constructive at this time”.

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