Thousands of Afghanis working in Saudi Arabia with Pakistani passports

Monitoring Desk: Thousands of Afghanis working in Saudi Arabia with Pakistani passports. This was revealed Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah while having meeting with Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud King of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday in Riyadh.

Sources claim that Abdullah requested Saudi King to allow visas to Afghanis on Afghan passport who posses Pakistani passports and having Saudi visas on their Pakistani passports.

Jawed Faisal the deputy spokesman of Abduallah Abdullah while talking to Afghan media claimed that Saudi King had passed orders to concerned authorities to let all those Afghans who have work visas in Pakistani passports get visas work in their Afghan passports.

Thousands of Afghanis are working all over the world having Pakistani passports because buying Pakistani passport was not difficult for Afghanis till year 2014 when Pakistan launched its first ever full fledge war against terrorists. Pakistan invited over 3 million Afghans during Afghan-Soviet Union Jihad in early 80s and Pakistan became heaven for Afghans.

It may be mentioned that Afghan Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah visited Saudi Arabia on a 3-day state visit on the invitation of Saudi King.