Afghanis are involved in Economic Terrorism against Pakistan

CrimeAfghanis are involved in Economic Terrorism against Pakistan

Monitoring Desk: Afghanis are involved in Economic Terrorism against Pakistan and they are supported by certain elements within the Taliban-led Interim Afghan government, reports Pakistani media.

According to media reports from Pakistan as well as some reports from central Asian media, a new kind of terrorism has been launched by Afghanis and there are reasons to believe that this new kind of terrorism is actually an “Economic Terrorism” has been launched with the active support of certain elements sitting in Afghan Interim government.


Moreover, Pakistani media is providing strong and logical justifications for sending Afghanis back from Pakistan to Afghanistan, and some of the justifications the Pakistani media mention are:  

  • Millions of legal and illegal Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan since 1979 Afghan Jihad and Pakistan invited three million refugees who now have multiplied in figure. Another grave issue is a constant increase in illegal/unregistered Afghanis. Some official reports claim that the number of legal/illegal Afghanis has crossed to over 12 million plus.
  • The government of Pakistan has never taken any holistic action against registered Afghan refugees during the last 45 years and allowed them to stay in Pakistan several times in the past due to UNHCR requests.
  • Afghanis have not integrated themselves with Pakistani society, culture, and even laws because they consider their customs more important than Pakistani laws and Pakistani customs.
  • No foreigner can become a citizen of any country without going through an official integration process because integration with culture, history, norms, society, and customs is a prerequisite for converting any foreigner into a responsible citizen of any country because all such elements create a sense of nationalism and the concept of nationalism primary force behind nationhood. Nation, a complex structure of societies situated within a specific geographical location is based on more profound linkages such as language, oral history, and collective consciousness. These three fundamentals bind individuals into social groups and groups into nations which then transform into the concept of motherland.
  • Afghanis are not interested in integrating into the culture of Pakistan and they have their reasons for not adopting Pakistani norms and culture.
  • Afghanis share a nomadic/tribal culture with different sets of rules based on their own shared history and cultural values. The innate dislikeness towards the agrarian culture doesn’t let them assimilate with Pakistan.
  • Afghanis living in Pakistan are always abusing Pakistan as a transitory economic goal and the idea of them becoming Pakistani by soul is beyond their cognitive perception.
  • Afghanis are deeply connected to their social belief system that any kind of social and cultural integration with Pakistan means leaving their own ways of life. The unwillingness to adapt and opt for the agrarian culture created Afghan ghettos across Pakistan, where Afghani in sub-societies are living by their own norms and traditions resulting in Pakistan being just a land of opportunity to exploit.
  • Pakistan has had enough of Afghani’s exploitation and has decided to take some logical steps, already being practiced in the world such as border control, visas, and passports. Anywhere in the world foreigners are allowed to enter on the basis of their utility, like how much money they can bring, how much expertise they have, and above all are they even required for the country and so on.
  • Afghanis were allowed to enter Pakistan without a valid visa/passport and they were never asked to pass a language test, and never expected to respect the history and culture of Pakistan.
  • Afghanis make money from Pakistan and smuggle it in the form of US$ to Afghanistan.
  • It is understood that Afghanis do not consider Pakistan as their motherland, so just use Pakistan for their economic gains.
  • The entire façade of Pak-Afghan brotherhood was standing on religion, but sociologists and anthropologists believe that religion is never a pre-requisite for a motherland and nationhood.
  • The concept of motherland is based on emotional and symbolic significance which can have spiritual dimensions. The term is used for ancestral land and goes beyond mere physical and political boundaries. The ancestral roots of Pakistani culture and oral history are not aligned at any layer with Afghanis. The idea of them integrating into urban Pakistan was utopian which has brought drastic results.
  • Afghanistan brings only bad news to Pakistan and Pak-Afghan borders bring nothing good except drugs, terrorism, radicalization, sectarian killings, poliovirus, and a dirty money market
  • The Afghani currency is more stable than the Pakistani rupee because of the huge smuggling of US$ from Pakistan to Afghanistan.
  • Afghanis are brutally looting the resources of the host country, wreaking havoc on the latter’s economy and weakening its currency to somehow consolidate their own economy in the isolated Afghanistan.
  • An illegal parallel economy like Hawala and Hundi is solely operated by Afghanis sitting abroad from where they send money to Pakistan, encouraging Pakistanis living abroad not to use banking channels for the transfer of money thereby Pakistani remittances are nosediving.
  • Dollar smuggling is 100 percent in the hands of Afghanis who are transferring US$ from Pakistan to Afghanistan which is stabilizing the economy of Afghanistan and destabilizing Pakistan’s economy.
  • Afghanis are involved in Economic Terrorism against Pakistan.
  • “keeping Afghanis in Pakistan is like as if we (Pakistan) are giving our blood to Afghans even when we are dying,”
  • For the last 40 to 50 years, Afghans have looted the resources of Pakistan with great brutality and yet also hated their host country immensely.
  • Afghans buy coal and other commodities in Afghani currency and sell them in Pakistani currency with some profit, later they convert Pakistani rupees into US dollars and send them to Afghanistan. This illegal outflow of US dollars from Pakistan has reduced foreign reserves in Pakistan and increased pressure on the rupee, with the domestic currency falling to record lows and the economy teetering on the brink of collapse.
  • Afghanistan has again become a hub of terrorism and terrorist outfits like Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Daesh Khorasan, and other extremist groups are living there and operating against Pakistan and Central Asian countries from Afghanistan.
  • Arms markets in Herat, Kabul, and Kandahar are selling US-left sophisticated weapons to citizens of Central Asia and Pakistan.
Mati-Ullah is the Online Editor For DND. He is the real man to handle the team around the Country and get news from them and provide to you instantly.

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