Afghan Taliban, IS expected to clash soon in Nangarhar, Zabul provinces

KABUL, Afghanistan: The Taliban and the Islamic State (IS or also called Daesh) are continuing their efforts vigorously to establish their writ in war-torn Afghanistan and it is expected that the two militant groups will engage in heavy fighting in Nangarhar and Zabul provinces soon.

Sources said that the both the Taliban and IS militants are trying to take over Nangarhar as well as Zabul and in this quest, their heavy fighting with each other is expected in next couple of days.

Sources also said that Taliban are moving their best soldiers to Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province that had been left unattended by Taliban when they were fighting in Helmond and in North. But in the meantime, the IS filled the vacuum and began ruling Nangarhar.

There are reports that IS militants are now trying to snatch writ of Taliban in Kabul and Taliban are fearing losing of their writ all over the Afghanistan, once Daesh placed itself in the Afghan Capital effectively.

It may be mentioned that a number of Taliban Commanders are shifting their support to Islamic State on 500$ to 700$ monthly salaries.

Experts believe that Afghanistan is facing worst law and order situation and US drone strikes are only successful strategy that are helping the Kabul government to avoid collapse.

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