Afghan Taliban installed Civilian Governments in areas under their control


Monitoring Desk: Reports coming from several parts of the country (Afghanistan) suggest that the Taliban have already installed civilian governments in areas under their control but western media is shy to report the real situation.

According to information gathered from areas under the control of the Taliban, the leadership of the Taliban has passed instructions to their commanders, Governors, and regional focal persons that the Taliban are going through the testing period and campaign (winning areas) is evolving from a military situation into a “civilian situation”. The instructions are including that justice must be provided to anyone who contacts the local commander without weighing his background and political affiliations.

A detailed message was posted on June 24 at the Voice of Jihad website operated by the Taliban but access to the site was denied by US-based internet access companies.

The message was for fighters, governors, and judges for providing law and justice to people under their control. The message indicated that district and provincial governors, judges, commanders, and administrators must follow the instructions of the Amir ul-Momineen (“Emir of the Faithful”) Haibatullah Akhundzada and the Taliban’s military commission.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that the Taliban have launched a wave of offensives around the country, particularly in the north, outside of their southern strongholds. Reuters said that the Taliban attacked security checkpoints in central Bamiyan province while in central Ghazni province, Muqur district fell to the Taliban after being under siege

In northern Badakhshan province, the Taliban launched coordinated attacks on five districts overnight and the fight was continued till the filing of this report. It is pertinent to mention that the Taliban has captured Shir Khan Bandar border crossing town with Tajikistan.

It is pertinent to mention that the Taliban had no control over Northern Afghanistan during their last rule (1996-2001) while southern Afghanistan was under their control This time their strategy is to first win northern Afghanistan and then consolidate their rule in Southern Afghanistan that has been historically a stronghold of Taliban.

Sources in Kabul indicate that the Taliban through a systematic campaign are providing the latest and fresh information to foreign media of their choice about the battle situation and media management of the Taliban is giving an edge to them over the Kabul government that is usually hiding information and release them after wetting from US experts.

Tom Fowdy who is a British writer and analyst of politics and international relations with a primary focus on East Asia wrote in the RT that it is time for the world to dump the US’ failed Afghan experiment in the trashcan of history and learn to live with the Taliban.

He believes that once the Taliban are official in power, they can run the country by taking advantage of support from Russia and China because China’s Belt and Road Initiative needs infrastructure development in Afghanistan that is a crucial gateway between South, West, Central, and East Asia.

“Beijing can facilitate this, but so can others too. Prosperity may ultimately be the key to creating stability in the country,” commented Tom Fowdy.

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