Afghan Taliban claim to have captured key govt buildings in Kunduz

KABUL, Afghanistan: The Taliban militants have claimed to have captured several key buildings in northern Afghanistan on Monday in a major offensive while local officials say that Taliban’ attacks were retreated by the security forces.

Afghan Taliban claims to have captured key govt buildings in Kunduz

In a twitter message, the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the Taliban attacked the Kunduz City on Sunday midnight from three directions and occupied a 200-bed hospital and several government buildings.

The Afghan media reports said that the Taliban militants entered to Kunduz Civil Hospital, the Public Health Department and took control of the Agriculture Department and Zakhil and Saydarak areas.

However, the Kunduz Police Spokesman Sayed Sarwar Hussaini said that Taliban were pushed back as the bodies of 20 of the militants killed by reinforcement personnel were still laid on the incident scene.

Hussaini said that five security personnel were also injured during the clash, adding that the situation was currently under control.

The reports said that the US-trained Afghan police and army personnel with the support of helicopters are engaged in the fight with the Taliban militants who have entered civilians houses and were firing from there against Afghan forces.

Meanwhile, the Kunduz Public Health Director Dr Saad Mukhtar has confirmed receiving the bodies of two civilians and 34 wounded people including security personnel.