Afghan soldier killed US soldiers in Nangarhar. Taliban take responsibility

Afghan soldier killed US soldiers in Nangarhar

Monitoring Desk: At least two US soldiers were killed and two others were critically wounded by an Afghan Army commando in Achin district of Nangarhar Afghanistan  on Saturday.

Taliban have taken the responsibility of the incident.

Achin is the same district where US Army dropped Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) in April this year and US soldiers are fighting against Islamic State commonly known as Daesh in this troubled district which was fallen to Daesh in March.

Fox news reports that at least two US soldiers were killed.

“We are aware of an incident in Eastern Afghanistan. We will release more information when appropriate,” a U.S. military spokesman said in a statement.

Fox news further reports that White House Deputy Communications Director Raj Shah confirmed that US President Trump had been informed of the situation.

US Army Command is Afghanistan is yet to confirm number of causalities while spokesman of Governor of Nangarhar province Attahullah Khogyani has confirmed that at least two US soldiers were killed before Afghan commando was shot dead. However, spokesman did not indicate at what place in Achin district this incident took place?

Daesh is fighting tough fight to US and Afghan Army soldiers in Nangarhar province and Achin area has been a focal place for Daesh activities.

Over 90 dead bodies were recovered from the cave where US military dropped an 11-ton bomb also known as Mother of All Bombs. Identification of bodies belonging to Daesh indicated that several killed Daesh members were from Indian state of Kerala.

Killing US soldiers by Afghan soldiers is not a news in Afghanistan and such incidents had been reported in past also.

ABC News reported that The Taliban claimed responsibility of firing. In a statement issued by  Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid, attack in Achin was committed by one Talib fighter who had joined the Afghan army.

Military Times indicates n its story that members of the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment, out of Fort Benning, Georgia, have been operating in Achin for the last several months.

Afghan social media indicates that this action could be a retaliation of what happened in Helmand today where three Afghan police officers were killed when US warplanes opened fire on their gathering. The US military command said in a statement that the Afghan policemen were killed in a so-called friendly fire. Both Afghan and US officials said they had launched investigations into the incident.