Punjab Assembly: PMLN facing the cost of political miscalculation

Punjab Assembly: PMLN facing the cost of political miscalculation

Lahore, Pakistan: Miscalculation, overconfidence, and lack of a strong legal team have caused again a huge political embarrassment to the multiparty government in Punjab. Lost majority seats in a provincial by-election last year, PMLN learned nothing out of the situation that it is facing in his former Vatican— Punjab.


Having stalwarts like Kh Asif, Kh Saad Rafique, Rana Sanaullah, Ahsan Iqbal, and many more, the PMLN Punjab team comprising of Rana Mashood, Atta Tarrar and many like them are costing a situation where the party is facing political bankruptcy. No meeting was held to review the causes of losing by-elections in Punjab six months ago and now CM Pervaiz Ellahi virtually bogged down the entire PDM by showing a majority in the House and then sending advice for dissolution of the Punjab Assembly. It is clear that PMLN is not ready to face the PTI-led alliance in Punjab and is avoiding elections at any cost. True the country economically is not in a position to face the cost of elections but it looks more than this PMLN is not ready to face the political cost of the elections.

Total disappointment in manipulating serious corruption charges former Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing, the federal government has neither booked him in the Al-Qadir University case nor in the Tooshakhan case and both cases are only under discussion in media. Al-Qadir University case involves a real estate media tycoon while the Tooshakhana case can clamp a heavyweight bureaucrat therefore PDM government looks helpless to trial both of them and is ready to face the brunt of its failure.

PMLN had a miscalculation that Ch Pervaiz Ellahi would fail to gather a majority vote in Punjab Assembly. PMLN had also miscalculated that Ch. Pervaiz Ellahi would swiftly send advice for the dissolution of the provincial assembly after getting a majority vote. Now PMLN would try to drag the new elections in Punjab by contesting in courts where PLMN had never been successful due to several reasons including having a weak legal team. There is a general opinion among the masses that PMLN cannot defeat Imran Khan and his narrative therefore it is hiding behind weak political moves instead of facing PTI in elections. This general opinion is becoming stronger with every passing day that virtually erodes the political reputation of PMLN in Punjab.

Technically, PMLN is going to pay the price for reckless moves it is taking since it got power in the Centre last April and has practically failed to face Imran Khan either in courts or in by-elections. What next now?

PMLN will beat the drums that the country cannot afford elections due to the economic situation therefore elections in Punjab must not be held. However, the constitution is clear that elections must be held within 90 days once CM or PM dissolves the provincial or National Assembly. In a country where courts are giving decisions by using their conscious, it would be difficult for PMLN to win the case if it goes to the courts. Even announcing an Emergency would further embarrass PMLN because courts can reverse the decision.


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